Increasing the Player Level in Lords Mobile has several important benefits. This guide explains how you can level up and what the benefits are.

Lords Mobile Player Level Up

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Explanation of Player Level Up in Lords Mobile, discussing all the benefits and the best ways to get the required Player EXP.

Payer Level

The Avatar at the left top of your view contains a number at the left bottom, this is your Player Level. When you click on the Avatar you see a bar which the required XP to upgrade to the next level and your current XP. Leveling Up gives you extra Talent Points, increases the maximum level for your Heroes and increases your Player Level Might. Each equipment piece also has a minimum Player Level requirement.

Player Level Might

Although Might is in itself not a perfect indication of how strong a player is, it is quite often used as a reference. For example it can be that a Guild requires a certain Might before you can join. Your Player Might is only one of the 7 categories of might and it is the least interesting of the three benefits of increasing your player level.

Equipment Level Requirement

All equipment pieces have a minimum Player Level requirement, and in general the better the equipment the higher the minimum Player Level requirement. Being able to wear more Equipment is an important benefit of increasing your Player Level.

Max Hero Level

Initially your Heroes have a maximum of lvl 15, but once your Player Level increases past 15 the Maximum Hero Level will be the same as the Player Level. Being able to increase your Hero Level high is very important as this will make your Hero Stronger, and in itself having a higher Hero Level can also be a requirement to be able to upgrade your hero in other ways. Increasing the Max Hero Level is an important benefit of increasing your Player Level.

Extra Talent Points

With each Player Level increase you get extra Talent Points, and the amount of Talent Points you get increases as well. When you click on your Avatar, you can click on the shield at the left to access your Talent Trees where you can assign the points to projects that will give you boosts. Here you can get significant Combat and Economic boosts, and this is a major benefit of increasing your Player Level.

In the tools section on our website we have a Talent Tree Planner that allows you to try out various Talent Tree Configurations, so that you know exactly what you want, before you start assigning the points in game. Trying out different configurations in game is cumbersome, it requires a Talent Reset, you can only assign the points one by one, and there is no undo.

Getting Experience

You require Experience (EXP) to increase your Player Level. The amount of EXP required increases with each level. You can get EXP in many different ways, including Battles, Hunting Monsters, Clearing Hero Stages, but most important are the Quests.

For almost everything new you do in the game you Complete a Turf Quest. Simply collect them from the Quest menu once completed and you get EXP (together with some Might and resources). You do not specifically have to focus on this, although there might be a recommended Turf Quest that you would normally not do, so you can pay attention to the Recommendations as well. There are certain Turf Quests, like building 10 resource buildings, that you need to collect right away, before you tear down a building to place something else, because it seems that uncollected quests disappear if you no longer meet the requirement. On a side note, in some other games it is fast to quickly build 10 of each resource building and tear it down to collect their variation of Turf Quests. I personally find going through this too cumbersome for Lords Mobile, as it takes too long to tear down buildinds, and you cannot do it at the complete start, because you first need to unlock the second rural building area.

Each 6 hours you get new Admin and Guild Quests. The quests can be any of the 5 grades that are also used for Materials and Equipment, Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon and Common. The higher the Grade the more EXP you get. You need to start a quest and collect it when it is finished. The higher the Grade the longer a quests takes to complete.

There are Quest Scroll (Admin) and Quest Scroll (Guild) items available in the Gem Mall (for 800 and 100 Gems) and Guild Shop (18000 and 24000 Guild Credits) that allow you to refresh your Quests.

Increasing your VIP level increases the amount of Admin and Guild Quests, and from level 7 onwards you can auto complete Admin Quests, and from level 8 onwards you can auto complete Guild Quests.

Purchasing quest refresh scrolls with guild credits is a good way to increase EXP.

Player EXP boost

A Player EXP boost means that the EXP you receive is increased with a percentage. Unlike some other games Lords Mobile does not have a building that provies an EXP boost, however there are two other ways to get a Player EXP Boost.

You get a Player EXP boost from your VIP levels. This increases to 50% at VIP level 9 and stays the same on higher levels. There are also 25% Player EXP Boost items that you can purchase for 2500 Gems, which gives you an 25% Player EXP boost for 24 hours.

For some players these boosts are a reason to for example only collect Turf Quests once you have reached VIP level 9 and/or only collect Turf Quests and use the Quest Scrolls when you have a player EXP boost active.


I hope this helps understanding the importance of increasing the Player Level and provides some tips on how to best get the required EXP.

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