A question I still read very often, even from players who have been playing Mobile Strike for Month is which troops end up in the hospital and which troops really die. This guide gives a brief explanation and some examples what could happen.

How it Works

It is easiest to regard the effect of hospital beds as something that happens after the battle, so the first phase is the battle. If your base is attacked based on the stats of your troops and traps and your opponent's troops (including all type of boosts) the result is that a number of your troops die. The game makes sure your lowest tier troops die first.

example: if you have 100,000 tier 2, 100,000 tier 3 and 100,000 tier 4 troops, it could for example be that the battle results in all of your tier 2 dying and 25,000 of your tier 3 dying. It will never be the case that any of the higher tier troops die while some of the lower tier troops survive.

Phase 2 is the effect of the hospital beds. Of the troops that have 'died' during phase 1 a number of troops are saved in hospital beds. The number of troops saved is the minimum of the troops 'died' during phase 1 and the unoccupied hospital bed capacity. The hospital bed capacity is determined by the amount and level of your Hospital buildings. During phase 2 the higher tier troops are saved to hospital beds first.

If we continue our previous example and assume your base has a 75,000 hospital bed capacity the 25,000 tier 3 and 50,000 of the tier 2 will go to the hospital, while the remaining 50,000 tier 2 troops cannot be recovered and really die. From a single battle it will never happen that lower tier troops end up in hospital while higher tier troops die.

Be Aware

What is a very important point in the above example, is the single battle restriction. Imagine it doesn’t stop after the first attack on your base. While you are not online or you are not fast enough to react (note that solo attacks can come very fast one after the other, especially if multiple people port in to attack you simultaneously) the initial attack that resulted in 25,000 tier 3 and 50,000 tier 2 filling up your complete hospital capacity is followed by several more attacks. Since your hospital bed capacity was already fully occupied, any subsequent troops died, and within a very short time span it could be that your 100,000 tier 4 and 75,000 tier 3 died, while you have 50,000 tier 2 and 25,000 tier 3 in your hospital.


For a single attack the hospital works in the way you want it, of the troops that have been lost in battle the higher tier troops will go to the hospital first. However in case you are attacked multiple times (and this is normally the case, people will attack until you are zeroed) you typically still end up with the lower tier (your meat shield) in the hospital.

Hospital capacity is nice to be able to take a hit and easily recover part of your lost troops, but you should not see it as a replacement of protecting yourself. Use a shield.

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