Hyper Farming in an alliance, or part of an alliance, means that individual members fully focus on producing only one resource each and get the other required resources via trading from their alliance members. The idea behind it is that, mostly due to the restriction in the amount of commander skill points one can assign, one cannot maximize the production rate for more than one resource, so to maximize the production with a group of people you get the highest production rate if each member only focusses on one resource.


Typically there will be one or more people coordinating this process to make sure there is an equal division between the resources. The coordinator will assign resources for each person to focus on. With assigning people it might be best to use more or less the same ratio. In practice there will be more food required and less iron, but food production is also easier to get up to a high level, and iron production is lower than oil and stone, so best to stick to the same ratios. In an alliance with global members it is good to also pay attention to having the producers for specific resources spread out across the various time zones your alliance is active in.

Turning Your Main into a Hyper Farm

This is very similar as the tips we gave to build a farm account for one specific resource, so we refer to that article for details.


A bank account is an account where resources can be stored and handed out to players who need it. Normally this is not a single player's account, but an account various people can log in to to distribute resources when necessary. A bank account is typically shielded 100% of the time, as it is normally not an account with any kind of defenses in the form of troops. Important for a bank is a high level Trading Post so that trading can go fast and in large batches, and as little as possible tax is paid. It normally does not make much sense to focus on producing resources in the bank since it will, if things work out as planned, be above resource capacity almost fulltime.

A bank is not only used by alliances that have a hyper farm setup, but when an alliance does have a hyper farm setup a bank is a logical part of the setup, as you want players to off load once they are close to max capacity to make sure they keep producing. Still, if possible it is preferred to transfer the resource to someone in need directly, as via the bank it will be taxed twice.

Food Producers vs. Non Food Producers

Food is different from other resources in the sense that troops eat food. The more troops you have the more food is eaten. This has its effect on both food producers and non-food producers.

As food producers you can best chose people who do not necessarily have the ambition to train a very large army, as currently there is no upkeep reduction gear so a large army will lead to a stop of food production. For non-food producers it will be very difficult to meet any food requirement on their own, as it will always be eaten by their troops. This means it is best to make sure that the typical food producer will be very active and is willing to meet many small requests.

Non-food producers normally do not have to fill orders that urgently and typically alliance members can always place orders for few million when they are close to zero, to make sure they always have some for some troop training, research and building upgrade. Non-food producers have a great dependency on the bank and food producers for any food requirement.


Not all players might be willing to give up on farms, especially early in the game, and in general it might be hard to convince people who are not from the start in the hyper farm alliance to specialize to one resource. Players tend to move from one alliance to another and once you have specialized your account for hyper farming it might not be so convenient to go to an alliance where there is no hyper farming program.


Hyper farming might not be for everyone, but if you consider that tile hits might become very common in a state, this is a good and safe way to maximize the resource production in an alliance, from a perspective of the alliance as a whole.

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