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What stage of the State vs State event is next

What stage of the State vs State event is coming next?

The State vs State event consists of the following stages in order: Use Speedups, Heroic Development, Chief Gear Upgrade, Medal Upgrade, Power Up, Warfare Stage.

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What stage of the Survival of the Fittest event is next

What stage of the Survival of the Fittest event is coming next?

The Survival of the Fittest event consists of the following stages in order: Settlement Evolution, Heroic Development, Troop Training, Chief Gear Badge Enhance, Power Sprint, Chief Gear Upgrade, Hero Upgrade. All 1 day, the cycle begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. Originally the stages were different, this changed in my state. Could be this has something to do with how old a state is, so I can't guarantee it is the same in every state. This event will likely be replaced by state vs state soon.

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All Buildings at Same Level

Should I level up all my buildings to my headquarters level before upgrading, or push my headquarters first to a high level?

This is to some extend a personal choice, but only in limited way. For Headquarters upgrade there is a prosperity requirement, and you get prosperity points for all building upgrades. For example before you can go to Headquartes 29 you need roughly all your buildings to be minimum 27, few 28. So you cannot lag buildings behind too much.

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5th and 6th March Slot

How do I unlock the 5th and/or 6th March Slot?

There is a Leadership IV research project available further in the Development Tree which can be researched once your research lab reaches level 23. Another March Slot becomes available when your VIP reaches 8 (and you have your VIP active).

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Increase March Size

How can I increase my March Size/Capacity?

You can increase your March Capacity via upgrade of Headquartes, research projects in Battle, talent point assignment in War category, and the heroes assigned to your march.

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How to find opponent coordinates

How can I find the coordinates of another alliance in my state?

There is no certain way to find coordinates of alliances that do not want to be found, except for just looking through the complete map. If you don't mind other people knowing that you are looking you can ask in state chat if anyone knows, often alliances have enemies that know where they are. If you find people from the alliance not in their hive, you might keep an eye on them, they might still join rallies, exchange resources etc and you can track from footsteps.

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How can I prevent my resources from being taken

How can I prevent enemy attacks take so much of my resources?

The trick is to keep your resources safe as much as possible. Only unsafe resources (above Warehouse capacity) can be taken. Do not open resources items and claim resource rewards from mails until you are ready to use the resources.

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Can my biocaps be taken or looted by enemy attackers

When I am attacked, can I lose my biocaps?

Biocaps cannot be taken from you. Only the food, wood, metal and gas resources can be taken.

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Amount troops to Garrison a building

What influences the amount of troops that can be garrisoned in a building?

This is determined by the Command Station level of the first player to Garrison the building. Make sure this is your largest player for the maximum number of troops.

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Removing a medal

Is it possible to remove a medal once attached to equipment?

To my knowledge it is not possible to remove a medal from equipment, but normally you only need this when you have a better piece of equipment, and medals are removed for free once you disassemble a piece of equipment.

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Hiding Troops in a Rally

Are troops in a rally safe from attack?

Yes, troops in a rally cannot be attacked. They are also not defending and will not be spotted by scouts. Putting troops in a rally can be used as a defensive tactic and it can also be used to mislead enemies into attacking you, after which you cancel the rally shortly before the attacking troops arrive.

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Influencer Trap Rewards

Who receives the rewards of beating the Influencer Trap

There are different rewards. The Victory Rewards are received by anyone in the alliance that has either donated Energy Cells or dealt any damage by participating in one of the rallies on the Influencer Trap (and these rewards are the same for all players). The Damage Rewards are only received by the players ranked on damage dealt in the Influencer Trap rallies (and depend on the rank). These damage rewards are also received when the Influencer Trap has failed.

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Gathering Troop Type

From a gathering rate point of view, is there any difference on which troops to use (for different resource types)?

No, the gathering rate is the same for each troop type. Some of the heroes do provide a gathering speed boost specific for one type of resource.

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Advanced Relocator

How do I get an Advanced Relocator

You can purchase these in the alliance store for 80k Alliance credits. Although you cannot purchase Advanced Relocators from the Items Store, you can simple click on a location on the map and pay with biocaps to teleport.

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How to prevent my buildings from moving

How can I prevent my buildings from moving?

When I started playing I accidentally moved my buildings all the time when clicking on them. There is a building lock that you can activate. It is accessible via the Build menu at the right bottom on your city view. Once you opened the Building view, you see the Building Lock checkbox at the right top. Once you check this buildings are fixed in place. You can always go back and uncheck it if you want to move a building.

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Headquarters Upgrade Requirements

What are the requirements (prerequisites, resources) to upgrade my headquarters to level n?

These requirements can all be found on the Headquarters details page.

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How to Play State of Survival on a PC

How Do I Play State of Survival on a PC?

Bluestacks is a platform that allows you to play State of Survival (and other Mobile Platform Games) on a PC. Use this link to Play State of Survival on Bluestacks.

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