Crafting equipment for your Chief can give you important combat boosts. In this guide we explain how to craft and how to get the necessary materials.

State of Survival Chief Gear

04/30/2020 - -

Explaining chief gear in State of Survival, difference between sets, ways to get materials etc.

Explaining the Basics

Once your Headquarters reaches level 22 the option to craft gear in the Armory is unlocked in the Workshop building. You can potentially craft gear pieces for 6 different slots, providing your chief with significant extra combat boosts making your armies perform better in any battle.

Different Sets and Combat Boosts

At the moment there are 5 different sets. The first 4 (Rookie, Riot, Blast and Frontline Sets) do not require any designs, just materials, and cannot be enhanced above their basic level. The 5th (Tactical Set) requires Tactical Gear Design (only available by purchasing at this moment) and can be enhanced two levels.

For a complete Rookie set you already get 20.71% Attack and Defense for all three troop types. For a complete Frontline Set this is 50.11%. For a fully enhanced (Legendary) Tactical Set this is 177.93%.


For the 4 free sets you require only Advanced Alloy, Adhesive, and Chief Gear Tools. For the Tactical set you also require Tactical Gear Design, which you can only get by purchasing bundles.

Events are the main way to get the materials. You can get small amounts from various events, but larger amount I got from ranking well during the Infected Horde event. As an alliance we got 210 Advanced Alloy, 3 Adhesive and 1 Chief Gear Tools for ranking 6th. Individually I got 4800 Advanced Alloy, 50 Adhesive, 23 Chief Gear Tools for ranking 68th.

Other ways to get the materials: small amounts of Advanced Alloy from Plague Zone battles, Some Advanced Alloy, Adhesive and Chief Gear Tools from alliance ranking in the Alliance Showdown event.

There might be more, so always keep an eye out on what events are available and try to do well.

You can also purchase the materials. Advanced Alloy costs 2 biocaps per unit, and Adhesive 200 biocaps. I am not sure what the Chief Gear Tools cost, so far I have always had enough in which case you can't purchase and can't see what it would cost.


The Workshop building is where all actions relating to Equipment is taking place.

In the Armory section you will on the left side see a list of all possible gear pieces. On the right side you can see the details of the piece selected in the left side. You can switch between looking at the required Materials and Benefits. If you don't have enough materials it is shown in red and you can click the Get More button to purchase the materials. If you have enough materials you can click Craft at the bottom right, and once fininished you can use the Equip button to wear the new piece. So far the best what I crafted was Frontline set piece, which only took a couple of hours, so it is all quite fast and no need for speedups.

You can also add Medals here, but I find it more clear to do that from the Medals menu. I will write a bit more about Medals in the last paragraph of this guide.

Dismantling Pieces

If you decide to Dismantle a piece (typically because you are about to craft something better), you can also do this from the Armory section of the Workshop selecting it, clicking Remove and clicking Dismantle. This will return all used materials and equipped Medals.

Mixing Sets

You get boosts for having 3 pieces and 6 pieces of the same set, so there is some benefit in having a complete set. Still, at a certain moment you have enough materials to craft something better. I will have a brief look at whether you should wait until you can for example craft 3 pieces of the new set, or just go ahead when you have one.

Let's look at going from Blast Set to Frontline Set. A complete Blast Set gives 39.42% Attack and Defense for all Troop Types. Now let's look at what happens if we replace the Blast Radio with the FrontLine Radio. Compared to the complete Blast set we now miss the 3.94% Attack of the 6 piece set boost, and the 17.74% Hunter Attack and Defense from the Blast Radio. What we get back is 22.55% Hunter Attack and Defense from the Frontline Radio.

This means Rider and Infantry Defense stay the same, Hunter Defense improves with 4.81%, Hunter Attack improves with 0.87%, Rider and Infantry Attack go down with 3.94%. I would say this is not directly an improvement, so if you can only make one new piece, you could wait a bit. For two new pieces you can craft one Hunter and one Rider piece, making both Hunter and Rider Attack slightly better, while Infantry Defense stays the same. This is a clear improvement. The fact that Infantry Attack would still go down is no issue, because the main goal of infantry is defense, not attack.

Alliance Throwdown and Chief Gear Score

One of the Alliance Throwdown Challenges is to improve your chief gear score. This can be a nice way to score some points for the Alliance Showdown, so I tend to wait with crafting new gear until the Alliance Throwdown event is active and I can grab the right challenge.

When you select the challenge you can see the points of each gear piece, but just in case you want to plan ahead, I have also listed them in the table below.

Gear Piece Points
Rookie Set (Uncommon) 1125
Riot Set (Uncommon) 3000
Blast Set (Rare) 6000
Frontline Set (Rare) 10500
Tactical Set (Rare) 27500
Tactical Set (Epic) 49000
Tactical Set (Legendary) 124000

You typically need to increase the chief gear points with 3000 or 6000 points. 3000 increase means for example replacing a Riot Set piece with a blast set piece, so the points you get is the difference in points between the new piece and the old piece.

Note that the game keeps track of your highest chief gear score so far, so it does not work to dismantle pieces before the challenge and craft the same pieces again, that will not get you extra points.

What you could do, is if you encounter situation like above, where you have a complete Blast set and enough materials to craft one Frontline piece, is to craft it and equip it for the Alliance Throwdown, but later switch again to the complete Blast set (even dismantling the Frontline piece if necessary) because you prefer the boosts of the complete set. Just remember in that case your highest chief gear score is now already based on the extra Frontline piece.


Chief Gear itself gives nice boosts, but in addition if you have chief gear and you have reached Headquarters 24, you can made Medals and attach these to your gear as well. This can also give you significant combat boosts. Even if you fill up all your medal slots with the lowest level medals, you get 53.1% Health and Lethality increase for all three troop types. I plan to write a separate guide focusing on Medals and link it from this guide shortly.

Hero Gear

Besides Chief Gear there is also the concept of Hero Gear. This is something separate and equipping all of your heroes with the best possible Hero Gear pieces also can give you significant combat boosts. Not as much as Chief Gear or Medals, but still worth to focus on as well. I also plan to write a separate guide focusing on Hero Gear and link it from this guide shortly.


I hope the above gives you some guidelines how to craft gear and what to craft. If you have any questions or tips to share, let us know.

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