Crafting equipment for your Heroes can give you some additional combat boosts. In this guide we explain how to craft and how to get the necessary materials.

State of Survival Hero Gear

05/15/2020 - -

Explanation of the Hero Gear in State of Survival.

Explaining the Basics

Once your Headquarters reaches level 16 you can build the Workshop and access the Hero Gear menu. For each Hero you own, you can potentially craft 3 Hero Gear Pieces, providing your heroes with extra combat boosts making your armies perform better in any battle.

Different Sets and Combat Boosts

At this moment there are 3 different Hero Gear sets available. When you open the Hero Gear menu in the Workshop building you will see them from top to bottom in the left pane. To the left of this pane you can switch between the gear for Infantry, Hunter and Rider. The first two sets can be quite easily crafted, but the 3rd set is harder. More about that in the next section.

For a complete and fully enhanced first set (Bravery, Steady or Nimble) you get 10.3% Health and Lethality for the corresponding troop type. For a complete and fully enhanced second set (Fearless, Hunting or Parkour) you get 27.6% Health and Lethality for the corresponding troop type.

I haven't unlocked the 3rd set (Brutal, Lethal, Phantom) yet, so I don't know the fully enhanced values. At the basic level it already provides 52.15% Health and Lethality for a full set.

How to craft and Equip Hero Gear

There is a two step process. First you need to Research or Unlock a Hero Gear piece, which costs Hero Gear Parts (for all 3 sets) and Set Design fragments (for the 3rd set only). After having Researched a Hero Gear piece you can craft as many as you like which costs a small amount of regular resources each time.

This is all done in the Hero Gear part in the Workshop building. At the right of the Pane you will see details of the Hero Gear piece you have selected and buttons to Research and Craft it.

Once crafted you can equip those pieces via the Heroes overview, selecting a Hero, selecting the Hero Gear piece slot at the right bottom, selecting a Hero Gear piece, and clicking Equip.


For the first 2 sets you only require Hero Gear Parts to research them. There are some ways to get small amounts, but the most important way to get large amounts is the Influecer Trap. Based on your Damage Ranking and the level of the Influencer Trap that was opened, you will get rewards. The higher the level and the better your ranking the more Hero Gear Parts.

The design parts necessary for the 3rd set are also acquired via the damage ranking of the Influencer Trap. At the level where I am at you typically get between 6 (no. 1 in damage ranking only) and 2 (lowest damage ranking). You are going to need 3x150 to unlock a complete set, which means even in the unrealistic scenario you would always participate in the Influencer Trap and always rank 1st it would take 150 days (75 Influencer Traps). In the more realistic (but in my case still to optimistic) scenario you always participate and get 3 on average, it will take 300 days, so count on looking at a full year before you have unlocked a full 3rd set (unless the game changes).

Enhancing/Upgrading Hero Gear

Upgrading/Enhancing the first two Hero Gear set pieces required Hero Gear parts, I assume Upgrading/Enhancing the 3rd set will in addition also require Design fragments, which makes things even more time consuming.

Craft and Upgrade Requirements

After I had already finished the first two sets I thought it would be nice to show the requirements, unfortunately I didn't write them down for the first two sets. I will add for the third set as I craft and upgrade them. If anyone else can supply information about the requirements of the first two sets, I can add it to below table as well.

Set/Enhance Level Hero Gear Parts Design Fragments
Set 1 lvl 1
Set 1 lvl 2
Set 1 lvl 3
Set 2 lvl 1
Set 2 lvl 2
Set 2 lvl 3
Set 3 lvl 1 95 150
Set 3 lvl 2 7750 270
Set 3 lvl 3

Dismantling Pieces

In the My Gear part of the Hero Gear section in the Workshop Building you can select and Dismantle any piece you no longer need, you will get a small amount of resources back in return.

Mixing Sets

For the 1st and 2nd Set the Set boosts are quite small (0.75 and 1.95%), so I wouldn't worry too much about mixing sets. For the 3rd set the set boosts are significant (14.9%), which makes it extra annoying it is so time consuming to get a complete set.

Alliance Throwdown and Hero Gear Parts

One of the Alliance Throwdown Challenges is to use Hero Gear Parts. For me a good reason to refrain from using my Hero Gear parts until the right Alliance Throwdown challenges come along. Unfortunately I have already long maxed the second Hero Gear sets now, so I can only use Hero Gear Parts again once I have enough of the design fragments.


The first two sets don't provide huge boost, and the 3rd set will take a long time to Research (let's not even think about upgrading), so this is not one of the most interesting parts for non spenders. Still, it does give extra boost, just work towards getting enough Hero Gear Parts to max set 2, and start the process of slowly collecting the necessary Design fragments.

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