In State of Survival: Zombie War the regular building levels max out at 30, but for 5 buildings you can increase the plasma level afterwards, which can also benefit your troops significantly.

State of Survival Plasma Levels and Plasma Troops

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Explanation of Plasma Levels and Plasma Troops in State of Survival.

Plasma Levels

For Headquarters, Hero Precinct, Barracks, Range, and Garage the leveling up does not stop after lvl 30. They have an additional 3 Plasma Levels, each subdivided over 5 sublevels, so in fact there are another 15 levels to upgrade for those buildings.

The prerequisites for upgrading work in the same manner. For each plasma level upgrade of the Headquarters you require the Hero Precinct building and one specific other building to be leveled up.

Note that you need to upgrade the Headquarters to a plasma level before you can upgrade another building, so it is not yet possible to upgrade the Hero Precinct to sublevel 1 of Plasma Level 1 after the Headquarters is upgraded to sublevel 1 of Plasma Level 1.

The resource and time requirements per sublevel are small compared to the upgrade of Headquarters 30, but there is an additional ingredient required, Plasma Cores, which are hard to come by.

Plasma Cores

For upgrading each sublevel of a Plasma Level Plasma Cores are required. The exact plasma core requirements for each building level are shown on the building detail pages accessable via the building overview page linked at the bottom of this article and in the Overviews menu.

To get the Headquarters to the 3rd Plasma Level you require 2640 Plasma Cores, for the Hero Precinct 1320 and for each of the troop training buildings 880. This ia a total of 6660 Plasma Cores.

Currently the only free way to get these Plasma Cores is via the Intel missions. Once you have reached Headquarters 30 a new type of infected will be introduced in those missions that give one or two Plasma Cores. I haven't kept exact track of when I started collecting, but based on the info I have I expect you get around 12-15 Plasma Cores per day from the Intel Missions.

This means that just using this way to get Plasma Cores it will take you (based on 15 Plasma Cores a day) 440 days to get all buildings to the 3rd Plasma Level. Based on the 15 Plasma Cores a day it will take 110 days to get all buildings to Plasma Level 1.

It could be worse, but for sure a time consuming project.

Level/Sublevel Headquarters Hero Precinct Barracks Garage Range Total
* / I 132 66 44 44 44
* / II 132 66 44 44 44
* / III 132 66 44 44 44
* / IV 132 66 44 44 44
* / V 132 66 44 44 44
* (Cum) 660 330 220 220 220 1650
** / I 158 79 53 53 53
** / II 158 79 53 53 53
** / III 158 79 53 53 53
** / IV 158 79 53 53 53
** / V 158 79 53 53 53
** (Cum) 790 395 265 265 265 1980
*** / I 238 119 79 79 79
*** / II 238 119 79 79 79
*** / III 238 119 79 79 79
*** / IV 238 119 79 79 79
*** / V 238 119 79 79 79
*** (Cum) 1190 595 395 395 395 2970
lvl 30 -> *** (Cum) 2640 1320 880 880 880 6600

Plasma Troops and Other Benefits

The main benefit from the Plama Levels is the so-called Plasma Troops. With each Plasma Level increase of your troop training buildings the basic stats of all your tier troops of that type will increase.

These basic combat stats (Attack, Lethality, Health, and Defense will typically increase with 1 for each Plasma Level, but some (Attack for Plasma Level 2 for Garage and Range and Defense for Plasma Level 2 for Barracks) will even increase with 2.

This is a huge benefit and compared to the tier 1..10 troops, you could consider that with Plasma Level 1 you get tier 11, with Plasma Level 2 tier 12, and with Plasma Level 3 tier 13 troops.

There are some other benefits, but they are not as significant as the Plasma Troops. For each Headquarters plasma level you get a march capacity increase, for each Hero Precinct plasma level you get a troop attack boost, and for each troop training building plasma level increase the training capacity is increased as well.


Plasma Troops are a game changer. In my opinion all 3 levels should not have been introduced at the same time as the gap between big spenders (who shortly after the introduction had all buildings to 3 stars) and small/non spenders (who are still working there way to getting there Headquarters to 1 star), is currently too large.

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