Survival of the Fittest is a recurring weeklong event that consists of different stages. The fifth stage is called Power Sprint. This guide contains some tips on how to do well.

State of Survival Survival of the Fittest Stage V Power Sprint

06/12/2020 - -

Doing some troop upgrade, building and research to get points for the power stage.

Important Notice: This is based on the stages and the order as it is currently in my state. This might not be the same for all states, I know from experience in my state that early on we had a different survival of the fittest event with 5 stages ending in a 2 day kill stage.

How to get Points

You get points for increasing your building, research or troop power (both via training and upgrading troops) (30 points for each 1 point in power increase), and by using Hero Gear Parts (6600 points for each Hero Gear Part used).


After the Settlement Evolution and Troop Training stages earlier this stage feels a bit redundant. Your construction and research speed ups can better be used during the Settlement Evolution stafe and your Troop Training Speed Ups during the Troop Training stage, still, if you want to do well during this stage as well, you better save some.

You should consider saving up your Hero Gear Parts for two weeks and use them only during this event stage. However this only applies for a short time, soon you will find you have everything maxed out and you need the hard to get (many Influencer Trap) design fragments to improve your Hero Gear further.


Try to start some big upgrade projects after the Settlement Evoluation stage, so you can complete these during this power sprint stage.

Training vs Upgrading

For upgrading troops (I have checked upgrading tier 9 to tier 10 vs training tier 10, assume the same holds for lower tiers), you get a lot more points (about 1.8 times as much) for upgrading one batch compared to training (the time for a batch is the same, the amount of troops differ). Because of this, you can score a lot more points this stage if throughout the day (and in preparation) you do upgrades instead of training. Also if you do upgrades with any speed ups you plan to use.

This also holds for the troop training stage.

Competing with Big Spenders

It is almost impossible to compete with big spenders for leaderboard on this stage. There will normally be plenty of spenders who purchase large amounts of speedups and especially since you likely have already used at least part of your training and construction speedups on earlier stages, you won't be able to do well, most likely it will be difficult enough to win all individual rewards for non spenders.


I hope these tips help you to win the Power Sprint Stage of the Survival of the Fittest event. If you have questions or want to share more tips, please use the comment section below.

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