Why You Need It

VIP Points are necessary to increase your VIP level. When you have your VIP level active, higher VIP levels give a lot of crucial benefits to make certain game play easier, and provide important boosts as well.

Best Way To Get It

The Mining Loot shop is the cheapest way to get large amounts of VIP points, but consecutive logins also give you a maximum of 500 VIP points per day.

Other Ways To Get It

Frequently you get small amounts as rewards for various (seasonal) events.

Keep In Mind

Keep logging in to get the 500 VIP points per day. Pay attention, these days the game doesn't always pop up the login bonus and only if you claim the login bonus, will you get your VIP bonus and if you don't it will reset the next day.

Shop Availability

Shop Description Building Block Quantity Shop Credits
Alliance Store 100 VIP Points 100 10,000
Gold Store 100 VIP Points 100 100
Mining Loot 100 VIP Points 100 7,400


I am trying to keep this as correct and complete as possible, but if you notice any mistakes or missing information, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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