The Creation and Catacombs have been introduced in Guns of Glory. The Creation can be used to battle in the Catacombs and it has its own, Research, Skills, Equipment, XP Levels and Talent Points.

Guns of Glory Creation and Catacombs Beginner

02/28/2018 - -

Beginners tip for the new Creation and Catacombs feature in Guns of Glory update 1.5. Including demo of how to reach floor 12 during your first run. Tips on how to spend the Ancient Coints, what to focus on wrt research.

Creation and Catacombs Basics

When your Airhsip reaches level 10 you can Invoke your Creation in the Doctors Lab. The Doctors Lab is a building located between your city walls and the Daily Shipment area. Via the Creation menu in this building you can select whether you want a Male or Female Creation (this choice cannot be altered afterwards, but does not seem to have any other effect than visual). Once you have invoked the Creation the Catacombs become available as well. The Catacombs are the cave located outside of your city walls, close to the Airship Dock. You can go in here to battle monster and collect Ancient Coins, but I suggest to first go through the rest of this guide to have a better understanding and also to already improve your Creation where possible.

Creation XP Levels and Talent Points

Just like your Lord and Airhship the Creation also has its own XP Levels. Leveling up your Creation will give you Creation Talent Points, which can be used to assign to Creation Talents (similar as the Lord Talent Points are used for the Lord Talents). Before entering the Catacombs make sure you have used any Creation EXP items you might have. After leveling up do not forget to assign the Talent Points.

Initially it does not matter much which of the three talent trees you assign your points to, as they are mostly the same. Only further in the tree there are talents that are specific for the tree specialization. These typically combine well with the specialization specific gear, which becomes available when you reach floor 25. I will write more about that in a next guide. Going forward the Warrior tree is going to be the best, so you might consider assigning your points there if you don't want to pay the gold to reassign later. You can also consider spreading your points out over different trees, for example to use the Satchel Capacity I from different trees.

Initially you only receive one Talent point for each EXP level you upgrade. From level 31 onwards you get two points.

Creation Skills

Increasing your Creation XP Levels also automatically unlocks and improves Creation Skills. The Creation Skills are divided into Tiers. Each Tier has a maximum level assigned with it and the Creation Skills within that Tier keep improving their value with each Creation XP Level Upgrade until the maximum level is reached. Each Creation Skill also has a Creation XP Level associated with it that unlocks it.

Creation Equipment

Similar as for the Lord in the Forge there are several menu items for Equipment for your Creation in the Doctors Lab. Once you reach floor 15 you can purchase designs in the Catacombs Trader to make equipment.

The equipment, much like (most of) the Creation Talent projects, will only benefit your performance in the Catacombs.

There are three basic materials relevant for the Creation Equipment: Blood Amber, Dark Crystals, and Poison Vine. The higher level the equipment, the more it requires of these materials. In addition the Toolbox (I) - Toolbax (V) materials are required to enhance your gear to a higher level.

Like with regular equipment, you can Dismantle is to get the materials again.

For the initial set of equipment you only have one set, for the sets that become available at floor 25, 35 and 45 you have 3 sets for each of the three specializations (Brutal, Warrior and Explosive).

Creation Research Category

There is a special research category called Creation that gives boosts relevant for your Creation and the Catacombs game. Especially at the lower levels the research projects seem relatively cheap wrt resource and time requirements and when you are too low on resources to research any of the other categories, this surely is a good alternative.

In this research category there are no dependencies between projects, so you can just start researching any of the 11 research projects that you might find useful.


The VIP level can provide you with various boosts for the Creation as well. Consider activating it before you go in the Catacombs. This will increase the amount of potions you get and the Satchel Capacity, amongst other things.


To enter the Catacombs (the cave located outside the city wall, close to the airship dock) you need to have invoked your Creation in the Doctors Lab. Furthermore the Catacombs work with a cooldown timer, so you cannot enter it whenever you want.

When you click Explore in the Catacombs menu there is an option to select a floor to start. Once you reached the levels 11, 21, 31, 41 etc you can restart there the next run.

Once you enter the Catacombs a cooldown timer of by default 2 days starts. You need to finish exploring within those two days, and without using a cooldown reset or speedup you cannot start again before the two days expire. However it is possible, via the button on the right in the Catacombs to temporarily step out (if you want to take a break from the game altogether, or you need to take care of any other game business) and come back later without losing progress.

In the Catacombs your Creation has a green Health bar. Once the Health bar reaches zero during a battle you are sent back to the previous room with the same health.

The Stamina of your Creation is indicated by the number in the Avatar at the left top of the screen. Everytime you explore a new room it will cost one stamina point of your Creation. Reaching 0 stamina means you cannot explore further.

You get some free Health and Stamina potions each time you enter the Catacombs, these can be used via the second round button at the bottom of the screen (the one with the potion bottles in it).

At the right top you see a Floor map with the rooms you have explored so far. You can move around by clicking on the green arrows. If you have VIP 3 or higher active you can also click on an already explorer room on the map.

Some of the Rooms will have monsters and/or chests in them. You start a fight by tapping once, and if there are multiple monsters you can tap to select which one should be attacked first. You can also open a chest by tapping once. You can chose to select the contents of the chest for your inventory.

Each floor contains a door to the next floor guarded by a special Guardian monster. After winning the battle with the Guardian Monster you can select to either stay in the current floor (if not fully explored), or go on to the next floor. Unlike some similar games there is no need to chose to leave the Catacombs at a certain level to keep your treasures.

At a certain point you will get stuck with either too little health to beat the next monster or too little stamina to explore any new room. When this happens you need to wait until the cooldown timer expires before you get your prizes, or pay the 20 gold.

You will receive the prizes via a System Mail and you need to Collect the prizes in the mail before they become part of your inventory.

Tips for the Catacombs Fast

The mazes are not completely random. There are always 6 steps to go from the start to the exit, you will always encounter at least two monsters if you go directly from start to exit, and there is always exactly one path to get somewhere. Using this knowledge you often don't have to spend much stamina to find the exit.


It is a nice addition to the game. Initially it might seem like there is not much overlap between this maze game and the actual game, but if you win leaderboard prices you can get a lot of airship EXP, and at a later stage you can but lots of resources for your ancient coins.

Extra Videos

The video at the top of this article gives some general explanation, like in this guide, and contains my first run in the Catacombs. I will keep track of my further runs in the Catacombs (at least while I am still making large progress), and share videos with my considerations as to what to research and how to spend Ancient Coins as well, hopefully this will help others developing their Creation fast and reach high floors fast.

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Guns of Glory Catacombs 2nd Run Part II Floor 25

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Guns of Glory Creation and Catacombs Intermediate

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Guns of Glory Creation Crests in Detail

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Explanation how you can see which Crests fits in which gear slot, the amount of crest slots for better equipment, and the reason why one lvl 4 crest is much better than 3 lvl 3 crests (while you can convert 3 lvl 3 crests to 1 lvl 4).

Guns of Glory All Creation Boosts Explained

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Reaching Catacombs Floor 55 for the 4th rewards cycle, plus explanation of the importance of Catacombs for the main account and why the focus is to reach floor 65.

Guns of Glory Catacombs Floor 56 5th Rewards Cycle

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Reaching Catacombs Floor 56 for the 5th rewards cycle, plus explanation of the new Creation Arena feature, and a change in King of Avalon that might limit the amount of resources you can purchase in the Undead Trader in Guns of Glory soon.

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04/08/2018 - -

Reaching Catacombs Floor 59 for the 6th rewards cycle, plus (for now) top 200 in the Creation Arena, and various tips.

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