In May 2019 the Library of War was introduced in Guns of Glory. This is a new way to provide boosts to your troops.


The Hall of War has been extended with a new menu item, Library of War, available when Hall of War is lvl 22 or higher. When activating this item you will see an overview of War Strategies categorized in three sections, Infantry, Distance and Cavalry. Each War Strategy provides unique benefits to a troop type or a specific troop type and tier. By assiging War Handbooks to a War Strategy the benefits of the War Strategy become active.

Available War Strategies

For each of the troop types Infantry, Distance and Cavalry there is a War Strategy for each specific tier of troops and two War Strategies that apply to all troops of that type. These general two ones are available as soon as you have built the corresponding troop training building. The tier specific ones are available once you have upgraded the corresponding troop training building to the level that unlocks that tier (at lower levels it isn't useful anyway). Each War Strategy has 5 levels, each require one additional War Handbook.

War Strategies sometimes only apply if certain conditions are met, and for some one boost of your troops is sacrifized to add benefits to another. Make sure the ones you use complement your game play, I share some suggestions below.

War Handbook Requirements

You need a War Handbook to active a War Strategy or upgrade it to the next level. These War Handbooks require an amount of War Documents, standard resources and require time to learn. Each subsequent War Handbook you learn has increased requirements. In table below I show the requirements as far as I know them, please let me know in the comment section if you know requirements for more War Handbooks.

Level Resources Original Time
1 1.29M Food
2.59M Wood
529K Iron
203K Silver
29 War Document
2 2.61M Food
5.22M Wood
1.07M Iron
409K Silver
58 War Document
3 3.95M Food
7.89M Wood
1.61M Iron
619K Silver
88 War Document
4 5.31M Food
10.61M Wood
2.17M Iron
832K Silver
119 War Document
1d 05:37:44
5 6.69M Food
13.38M Wood
2.73M Iron
1.05M Silver
149 War Document
6 8.10M Food
16.20M Wood
3.31M Iron
1.27M Silver
181 War Document
1d 21:14:30
7 9.54M Food
19.08M Wood
3.89M Iron
1.50M Silver
213 War Document
2d 05:15:42
8 11.00M Food
22.00M Wood
4.49M Iron
1.73M Silver
246 War Document
2d 13:25:36
9 12.49M Food
24.98M Wood
5.10M Iron
1.96M Silver
279 War Document
2d 21:44:20
10 14.00M Food
28.01M Wood
5.72M Iron
2.20M Silver
313 War Document
3d 06:12:00
11 14.13M Food
28.27M Wood
5.77M Iron
2.22M Silver
316 War Document
3d 06:55:11
12 14.26M Food
28.53M Wood
5.82M Iron
2.24M Silver
319 War Document
3d 07:38:45
13 14.39M Food
28.79M Wood
5.88M Iron
2.56M Silver
322 War Document
3d 08:22:40
14 14.53M Food
29.05M Wood
5.93M Iron
2.28M Silver
324 War Document
3d 09:06:55
15 14.66M Food
29.32M Wood
5.99M Iron
2.30M Silver
327 War Document
3d 09:51:29
16 14.79M Food
29.59M Wood
6.04M Iron
2.32M Silver
330 War Document
3d 10:36:20
17 14.93M Food
29.86M Wood
6.10M Iron
2.34M Silver
333 War Document
3d 11:21:28
18 15.06M Food
30.13M Wood
6.15M Iron
2.36M Silver
336 War Document
3d 12:06:50
20 15.34M Food
30.67M Wood
6.26M Iron
2.41M Silver
343 War Document
3d 13:38:19
21 15.47M Food
30.95M Wood
6.32M Iron
2.43M Silver
346 War Document
3d 14:24:23

War Documents

At this moment the only free way to get War Scrolls is as one of the rewards from the Musketeers Fort.

Resetting War Strategies

For 1000 gold you can reset your War Strategies. Resetting will remove all active boosts and return all War Documents to you. This is relatively cheap so you don't have to worry too much about making wrong decisions when assigning the War Documents.

Tips on War Strategies

If you use different troop tiers for either PvE or PvP combat you should for sure consider going for the War Strategies that provide boosts for all tiers of a troop type.

Since the next War Document is going to be more expensive irrespective of whether you assign it to the same or different War Strategies, there is no direct benefit of focusing on different War Strategies, better to determine which one is best for you, upgrade that one to level 5, and only afterwards focus on a new War Strategy.

From the War Strategies that provide boosts to all tiers I like Indestructible (Infantry, increase defense for all infantry troops), Cannons of Devestation (Distance, adds part of the Distance Defense to Distance Attack), Thunderous Charge (Cavalry, adds part of the Cavalry Defense to Cavalry Attack).

I don't like Sacrifice (Infantry), since it seems you need to have over 50% Infantry in your troop composition for it to be active, which I don't have; Iron Will (Distance), since it increases defense of Distance, which I don't consider a very important stat; Steel Resolve (Cavalry), since it increases the defense of Cavalry, not as little value as Distance Defense, but there are better alternatives.

The tier specific War Strategies for the higher tiers (9-12) all seem quite good, but I will focus on Cannons of Devestation, Thunderous Charge and Indestructible first. After that probably the War Strategies for the troops I use in my pvp March Preset in order of descending amount.


This should give a basic understanding of how the Library of War works and what War Strategies you can focus on. If you have any suggestions or questions please share.

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