With Creation Equipment and Talent Points you can focus on Brutal, Warrior or Explosive specialization. This guide explains the differences and suggests what you can do best.

Guns of Glory Creation Focus: Brutal Warrior Explosive

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Explanation and tips for the possible 3 specializations of your Creation: Brutal, Warrior and Explosive. Includes analysis of Talent Trees and Equipment sets.


Large parts of the equipment sets and the talent trees are the same for the three types. In the explanations below we focus on the differences.

The Basic gear set is not specific for any of the three types, so we leave this out of the comparison.


The Brutal is the simplest of the three types. It is focused on dealing as much damage as possible with conventional attack.

The corresponding gear sets (Savage, Wild and Devastator) have a high Attack and Strength value, but is lower on Mana. The Brutal gear sets do not have any unique boosts.

Early on in the Brutal Talent Tree there is a Troop Attack I project and near the end a Troop Attack II, providing a boost for combat outside of the Catacombs.

The Talent Skills are Brutal Strike I and II (doing extra damage by sacrifizing some health) and Savage Swing (doing direct damage)


The Warrior focuses more on Health and Defense, it can be considered a Tank for people familiar with these type of games.

The corresponding gear sets (Gallant, Protector, Fearless) have a high Defense, Health, Physique and Wisdom, but are relatively low on Attack. The gear set have as extra boosts the Creation Natural Ability and Creation Parry Damage. The Parry Damage causes attacker to take damage when they attack you with mele attack. The Natural Ability is used for the Warrior Talent Skills.

In the Warrior Talent tree there are 4 Warrior Parry Damage projects, that increase the Parry Damage and Natural Ability.

There are two Troop Health projects that provide Troop Health boosts for combat outside of the Catacombs.

The Talent Skills are Warrior Recovery I and II (increasing Natural Ability and recovering Health based on the Natural Ability) and Iron Sacrifice (reducing attack to zero while increasing defense hugely)

So far I have only used the Warrior Recovery I (you need to have many points to unlock the second Talent Skill). This Talent Skill has a cooldown timer, which basically means that you can always only cast it once in a room.


The Explosive specialization focuses on doing damage via explosives.

The corresponding gear sets (Heatseeker, Scarlet, Destruction) have a high Wisdom, Physique and Ammo, but are relatively low on Health and Strength. The gear set have as extra boosts the Creation Ammo Recovery, Creation Burst Ability and Creation Burning Ability. The Burst and Burning Ability are used for the Explosive Talent Skills, Ammo Recovery influences the amount of Ammo that is Recovered after eacht battle.

In the Explosve Talent tree there are 3 Explosive Fire Attack projects, that increase the Fire Attack, Burning Ability and Burst Ability.

There are two Troop Damage projects that increase the damage of your troops for combat outside of the Catacombs.

The Talent Skills are Flame of Fury I and II (increasing Burning Ability and doing extra damage) and Firepower (increasing Burst Ability and doing extra damage).

I have used Flame of Fury I. This one does not have a cooldown timer, so you can use it multiple times during a battler. However, only part of your Ammo restores after each battle, so it is better to initially only use it so that your Ammo bar still (almost) fully restores after each battle, so that when you enccounter tougher opponents that do more damage, you still have most of your mana.

Best Focus Until Creation XP Level 27

If you compare Brutal to the other two types, the others are signicant less in Attack (Warrior) and Strength and Health (Explosive) in return for some benefits that are mostly relevant when you can combine it with the Talent Skills. Since the first of these Talent Skills only becomes available when you have reached Creation XP Level 27, it is best to focus on Brutal early on.

Actually the three Talent Trees are very similar, and if you focus on being able to carry a lot and visit a lot of rooms, you can take the bottom part of a tree, and until you reach the first Talent Skill (when your Creation XP level reaches 27), the bottom part of the tree is the same for all three trees.

Focussing on Savage and later Wild equipment set will give you very good values for the basic boosts such as Health, Attack and Defense, which will allow you to benefit most from the research you have done to increase these with a percentage.

Best Focus After Creation XP Level 27

Once you reach Creation XP Level 27 you can unlock the first Talent Skill and at that stage it will become beneficial to switch your focus from Brutal to either Warrior.

While the Explosive specialization works best in player vs player encounters, the extra parry damage and health recovery talent of the Warrior make it perform better in the Catacombs.

Since you might develop quite fast to Creation XP Level 27 and there is some cost involved with switching talent tree and gear, you might consider starting out with Warrior specialization instead of first starting of with Brutal.

Equipment Set Boosts

Equipment set boosts do not work for Creation equipment, so there is no specific need to have everything of the same set enhanced to level 5. In general it is good to combine gear from the same sets, but if you have reason to deviate, do not worry about the set boost.


I hope this helps you understand the Creation specializations better and helps you to get further in the Catacombs. If you have any questions, or suggestions, please let me know.

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