Forging some equipment for your Lord can give you useful boosts for both combat (like Siege, Bowmen and Cavalry Attack), economy (like Food and Wood Gathering Speed) and development (like Building and Research Speedup).

King of Avalon Forging Equipment Guide

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Explanation of Forging Equipment in King of Avalon, using the Forge with Scrolls, Steel and Materials.

King of Avalon Tips on Getting Materials

08/26/2017 - -

Explanation of how to get Materials in King of Avalon, via dismantling equipment, killing monsters, raiding barbarians, alchemist corner, praise, and lucky shot.

Explaining the Basics

In the Forge building you can manufacture gear for your Lord. Each gear piece you can potentially manufacture requires a unique scroll that specifies the boosts and the required Steel and materials.

Scroll Fragments and Scrolls

By killing monsters you can acquire scroll fragments which can be synthesized in the Armory to scrolls. The higher the monsters you kill, the higher the scroll fragments that have a chance of dropping. You get a random scroll when synthesizing scroll fragments, so it might take a while before you get the Scrolls that you want. As an alternative you can bid on Scrolls in the Black Market (or bid on gear in the Auction House).


Materials can be acquired by killing monsters and raiding barbarian camps. You need lots of them for the higher level gear, so keep attacking those monsters and barbarian camps. It is also possible to purchase materials for gold when you want to forge equipement and you do not have sufficient materials yet. The Black Market also offers some materials.


Steel can be acquired by completing the Daily Rewards and can be found in the Bonus Barbarian Chests. In addition you can purchase it in the store.


The Forge building is where all actions relating to Equipment is taking place. Upgrading the Forge will result in increased manufacturing speed and decreased steel cost. The Forge exists of various sections: Armory, Enhance and Blacksmith.

In the Armory section you can see the amount of Scroll Fragments you have of each Grade, and you can synthesize or sell them. Selling them can for example be a viable option when you are no longer interested in Grade 1 Scrolls. You can also see an overview of all Scroll you have, which you can also sell. You see an overview of all your equipment and you have the option to Replace the equipment you are wearing or Dismantle equipment you no longer need. Not sure whether it is true for all Equipment, but a White Copper Ring gives the same materials and amount of Steel back that was required to forge it. You also see overviews of all gemstones and all materials you currently posses.

In the Enhance section you can Enhance equipment. You need another scroll of the same type to enhance equipment, and there is also a Steel cost. The White Equipment can only be Enhanced once, I assum the better equipment (green, blue, purple yellow) can be enhanced multiple times.

In the Blacksmith section you can Forge equipment. In the Forgeable tab you find a list of your currently available Scrolls, and in the other sections you find for each of the 6 equipment slots a list of all possible equipment. In case you do not have sufficient materials when about to Forge you can use the Get More button to purchase materials, but the gold prices are quite high (the rarer the material the higher), and material requirements are high.

How the Boosts Work

Your Lord needs to be equipped with gear for the corresponding boosts to work. When exactly the Lord should be equipped with the gear depends on the type of boost. For Research and Construction the Lord should be equipped with the corresponding gear at the moment you start the activity. Afterwards you can change your Lord's gear. For combat, troop load, gathering boosts the Lord should be equipped with gear during the activity.

Different Equipment for Different Activities

Realize that you can have multiple different equipment pieces for the same slot, for example one Helm to help with Construction Speed, another to help with Trap Building Speed, and another one for Combat.

What Gear to Focus on

Compared to some other games you can't really do anything wrong when forging equipment, because you can always dismantle equipment and get all materials and steel back, so I suggest as soon as you have a scroll that gives you some benefits and you have the materials to craft it, craft it. Work towards having a complete economy set (helmet and greaves for construction and research speed, weapon and ring for resource production and armor and amulet for resource gathering speed), and a complete combat set. Afterwards you can improve piece by piece as you get better scrolls and more materials.

Special Equipment

Realize that the scrolls for the best equipment sets are not available by slaying monsters. Some need to be purchased for real money or can only acquired via special rewards. The orange gear scrolls are the highest one you can get from slaying monsters. An exception is the Iseult set. This one comes on various colors, highest orange. They cost little material and steel to craft, but to my knowledge there is no way to get these without spending real money.

For the yellow gear sets (Deathseeker, Dragon Tamer, Abundance, Warmonger, Fortune) I wonder if it makes much sense to manufacture these yourself. All of these require one or more special materials that cost 100k gold each, acquiring the scrolls will costs a huge amount of gold, and you still need large amounts of other materials as well. Instead you can probably just better save up the gold and purchase them in the Merchant Fair.


I hope the above gives you some guidelines how to forge and what to forge. If you have any questions or tips to share, let us know.

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