The material requirements for crafting the better equipment in King of Avalon are huge. In this guide you will find some tips on different methods to collect materials, as well as considerations when deciding to use your various credits to purchase materials.

King of Avalon Getting Materials for Orange Armor of Fury

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How to get materials in general and specific for forging the orange Armor of Fury, illustration how to cheaply get materials by purchasing equipment from the Merchant Fair and dismantling it, making offers on the Black Market and using the Merlin Trial credits to buy rare materials.

Materials or Scrolls

Initially it might seem good Scrolls are toughest to come by, but when you play longer you will find that if you keep killing high level monsters regularly you will find quite ok Scrolls, and it is actually the material requirements to craft equipment from these scrolls that are hard to meet. Hence in this guide we assume you already have some good scrolls and the focus is on material collection and purchase.

Materials Collection

I divide this guide in two parts. The first is to explain the general ways to collect materials as you play without specific focus on the requirements for a scroll, the second is the material purchase, once you are getting closer to filling the material requirements for a scroll, how can you best use your gold (and other credits) to purchase materials.

For the items below I suggest to pay attention to it during your normal game play so that you accumulate many materials as you play.

Killing Monsters

Killing Monsters gives you a chance at getting materials, sometimes more than one type at the same time, and up to 6 of each material for higher level monsters. You can select materials and see which monster levels they drop, but I tend to just hit the highest level monsters anyway, since you also have a good chance that the basic materials will drop there, and you need plenty of those for all equipment.

Rallying Barbarian Camps

You also have a chance at materials rallying Barbarian Camps, I seem to especially receive the basic materials in the standard Chest. Rallying Barbarian Camps is especially beneficial as long as you have the Barbarian Keys, as it gives you a Bonus Chest as well.

Gathering Resources

Not the reason to do gathering, but as an added benefit of gathering on the kingdom map, you have a small chance at getting one of the standard materials.

Seasonal Events

Pay attention to seasonal events. You should do this anyway, but especially if materials are possible rewards.

Exchange Building

In the Market Place in the Exchange building there are sometimes materials on offer for a discounted gold amount. Typically you are going to spend gold on materials anyway, so just purchasing materials (especially any oof the 4 basic ones) for a discounted gold amount is going to be beneficial in the end. Although it is very minor benefit in the sense that the materials only show up so now and then, and it is only one.

Lucky Shot

If you have purchased a pack the Lucky Shot will be available as well. One of the possible reward screens contains quite some materials. These days you can select the type of rewards you want, so it is easy to get the materials. I haven't done calculation on these, I tend to just go for the first 3 or 4 turns and switch to the next screen, but it might actually be more beneficial to save up and empty a field completely, because the rewards for the better shots are high.

On a side note, currently I am actually using the Lucky Shot to get gems and refining stones, as I am really lacking in the Gemstone area and while there are other ways to get materials, there are not really other ways to get gems (to my knowledge).

Alchemist Corner

In the Crucible in the Alchemist Corner (in the Exchange Building), I sell any scrolls that I have double or that I have no interest in forging. I normally have a lot of such scrolls and this gives me credits that I use each day to buy some materials. The 3rd item in the Alchemist Corner is normally either Steel or a Material. You get a couple of refreshes daily. You might want to be a bit picky with respect to which materials you will purchase. I feel with the 4 basic ones you can never go wrong, as you will need a lot of those for which ever quality of equipment you are going to make. For other materials you might want to check whether you are really going to need it.


Just a small amount, 3 Small Materials Chests, but do not forget about the Praise each day, it is little effort for three of each of the basic materials.

Materials Purchase

The part of the guide above was to explain the general ways to collect materials as you play without specific focus on the requirements for a scroll, below follows the material purchase, once you are getting closer to filling the material requirements for a scroll, how can you best use your gold (and other credits) to purchase materials.

It is important that you accumulate a lot of gold and Merlin Trial tokens to be able to purchase materials. I do not spend a lot of gold, typically only on 30 Day VIP activation items, 24 hour shields for when I want to shield during kill events, and Alliance Donations. For the rest I save up for material purchase.

Dismantling Equipment

Unlike in some similar games, when you dismantle equipment in King of Avalon you get back all materials (and Steel and Gemstones, only the Scrolls gets lost), which means you don't have to worry about crafting any wrong equipment. When I am about to purchase the remaining materials to craft a new piece the first step I do is check how much materials I get when dismantling the piece it is going to replace, so that I know how much I still have to purchase.

Merchant Fair

Once I have determined how much materials I still need, the first step I take is looking at the Merchant Fair. This is normally the cheapest way to get your missing materials. Typically there are pieces on sale that are far cheaper that the cost of the materials you get from dismantling it, so it is a matter of finding some pieces that contain the materials you need.

On this website in the Overview menu there is a Materials overview, where you can select any of the available Materials in the game and get a complete list of equipment pieces that use this material. Normally anything purple (or higher) is available in the Merchant Fair. Note that the prices in Merchant Fair can be quite different. Look for the equipment pieces that contain the materials you need and select the cheapest price. Purchase it. Dismantle it.

Black Market

In the Black Market in the Exchange building there are often materials on offer as well. You can strike a good deal here. Originally there were many people actually overbidding (no idea why), so it was very hard to get a good deal, but I now see that for 300 of one of the basic materials (gold value 6000), deals are typically between 4000-5600 gold.

This can be very attractive, perhaps better than the Merchant Fair, but the drawback of this method is that there is no certainty and there are limited offers, so if you want to get things done fast, the Merchant Fair is still the preferred way.

Merlin Trials Shop

With the credits that you can claim daily as the ranking reward for the Merlin Trials you can purchase things in the Merlin Trials shop. I save this up and use this for materials. The Merchant Fair method described above works well for the 4 basic materials in my eyes, but there isn't always a piece available that contains some of the other materials you need for an affordable price. Luckily there is a good alternative in the Merlin Trials shop.

If you compare prices in the Merlin Trial shop you will notice that the basic materials are relatively expensive to purchase (19 credits for one of the basic materials, 20 gold), while some of the others (e.g. Amber (37 credits, 200 gold). Amethyst (74 credits, 400 gold), Sapphire (74 credits, 400 gold) ) are cheaper.

I consider using my Merlin Trial credits to purchase the more special materials if I can't get a good deal in the Merchant Fair for them.


Using gold directly in the Forge building is the last thing I do, and I normally do not use it for large amounts, as the alternatives described above are preferred.

One thing you should never do is just use the Instant button to spend gold to craft equipment, not just because you likely spend too much gold on the required materials, but also because you pay gold for speeding up the crafting and likely you have speed ups you want to use instead, or it is perfectly fine to wait.


I want to share an example from my own account how my tips work.

I had a scroll of an Orange Armor of Fury that I wanted to craft to replace my purple Gawain's Breastplate. When I felt I was getting "close" to manufactring the Armor of Fury I was still lacking the following: 3643 (of 7200) Animal Hide, 2488 (of 3600) Bronze, and 55 (of 144) Sapphire for a total of 144,620 gold (more than the 109,232 gold that I had).

Dismantly Gawain's Breastplate resulted in 1440 Animal Hide and 720 Bronze, which meant I would still have 101,420 gold.

Looking at the possible equipment pieces to buy from the Merchant Fair I was considering the following

1. Purple Armor of Bounty or Gawains Breastplate (both 1440 Animal Hide and 720 Bronze, 19810 gold) with Purple Warrior Strides, Boots of Speed or Royal Greaves (720 Animal Hide, 13455 gold) with Purple Berserker Protector, Blessed Wreath or Guardian Helm (1080 Bronze, 13455 gold) (total gold 46720)

2. Purple Armor of Fury, Champion Armor or Dragon Plate (3600 Animal Hide, 1800 Bronze, 59865g) (this would exceed requirements, but might still be attractive)

I found both choices quite attractive, the second one had the added benefit it gave 72 Sapphires as well, which would prevent me from purchasing any Sapphire in other ways, but in the end I chose for the first option, since it was cheaper and I had plenty of Merlin Trial credits to purchase the required 55 Sapphires


This guide should give you some tips on how to accumulate materials, and how to best purchase them. If you have any questions or want to share other tips, please do so in the comment section below.

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