Gemstones can be added to your equipment and provide extra boosts. This guide explains how they work, how to add them to equipments, and considerations how to best use them.

King of Avalon Gemstones

05/26/2017 - -

Explanation of the Gemstones in King of Avalon.

The Basics

Gemstones are a way to give extra boosts to your equipment. Some (not all) equipments have one or more gemstone slots, which allow you to add a gemstone. The Forge building shows an overview of your available Gemstones and allows you to add them to your equipment.

Different Types (and Shapes) of Gemstones

For the basic Gemstones, a Gemstone's name contains of two parts. The first part indicates which troops it applies to, and the second part which type of boost you get. The second part also influences the shape of the Gemstone, which determines to which shape (it should be identical) Gemstone slot you can add it to.

The first part of the name can be for example Air (Bowmen), Sentinel (Infantry), Stallion (Cavalry) and the second part for example Gem (Attack), Stone (Defense), Jewel (Health).

There are also Valor Gemstones that provide boosts for Bowmen, Infantry and Cavalry. These comes also in three types for Attack, Health and Defense and fit into the same slots as the corresponding basic gemstones.

There are also Champion Gemstones. So far I have only seen a Champion Gem, which has an Troop Attack boosts and has its own unique shape it seems. I am not sure whether there are also corresponding Health and Defense Champion Gemstones, and if so, what their shape is.

In Update 4.0 of the game Chivalry Gemstones were added, but at this moment I have no information about them yet.

In Update 4.6 Soul Gemstones were introduced, more information in a section below.

Different levels of Gemstones

Each Gemstone can be refined to higher levels, up to level 6. The boost amounts are not the same for each Gemstone at the same level, but the required refining points to upgrade to a next level are the same for each Gemstone (except for the step from level 5 to 6, this 8340 points for the standard Gemstones and the Champion Stones, but 17780 for the Valor and Chivalry Gemstones). Both Refining Stones and other Gemstones can be used to refine a Gemstone.

Refining Gemstones can be done in the Forge. It is best to use Refining Stones, as these are useless by themselves, but if you have a lot of other Gemstones that you are not going to use by themselves, you can use these as well.


There are some restrictions, but they are not really an issue.

You cannot remove Gemstones from an equipment piece for free once added, but the cost is very low (20 gold).

Once you have refined a Gemstone you cannot unrefine it, but if you don't need it anymore, you can use it to refine another Gemstone. The points do not really get lost.

Getting Gemstones

Below is out dated, better skip to section on Soul Gemstones,

It is not that easy to get Gemstones, especially not good ones, so you should keep your eyes open for them. Even just one good Gemstone can be very valuable, as you can use Refining Stones to increase the boost.

In the Alchemist Corner sometimes Gemstones are available, and in Merlin Trial Shop you can use your credit to purchase Gemstones, but both only contain the basic ones.

Valor Gemstones are very valuable, but most difficult to get. There is a Lucky Shot screen that contains two Valor Gemstone and a lot of Refining stones, if you want to focus on improving your Gemstones, that is a great choice.

In Update 4.0 Raw Valor Gemstone (IV) Fragments were introduced. You need 100 of those to synthesize it to a Valor Gemstone.

So far I know of the following ways to acquire Valor Gemstone Fragments:

  • Fallen Knights (5-20 based on Alliance and Individual Point ranking, additional for leaderboard rewards as well, but I don't know details)
  • Portal (3-8 for Victory Rewards (amount depending on level of Portal Monster), none for Damage Rewards)
  • Dragon Spirit Arena (15 for the first point target)
  • Magic Spire (up to 15 can be purchased for your credits during each reward cycle)
  • Training Stage and Kill Stage of the gold event have second tier prize targets that give Valor Gemstone Fragments (54 for Training Stage, 75 for kill event, inside a Gold Event Chest)
  • Training Stage of the alliance event has second tier prize target that gives 55 Valor Gemstone Fragments
  • In the Spirit Altar store you can purchase them for 117 Spirit Coins
King of Avalon Refining Valor Stones to Level 6

03/22/2018 - -

Tips on how to best get the required refining stones to be able to refine your Valor Stones to Level 6.

Soul Gemstones

In update 4.6.0 Soul Gemstones were introduced. There are three different levels Basic, Precious and Flawless. Each of them have 6 different enhancement levels. These Gemstones are connected to each other, meaning if you have a lvl 6 Basic Soul Gemstone you can further enhance it to a lvl 6 Precious, and from there to lvl 6 Flawless. However the required refining point amounts are huge.

You can purchase 10 Raw Soul Gemstone (IV) Fragments a day in the Spirit Mines (these replaced the possibility to purchase Valor Gemstone fragments).

There is a Lucky Shot field with 3 SOul Gemstones, 80 Soul Gemstone fragments and one Vital Soul Gemstone.

In update 5.3.0 the Gold event was extended with gemstone related rewards, for each stage. FOr example for the Kill Stage you can now get a total of 24 Soul Gemstone fragments, 58 Chivalry Gemstone fragments and 298 Valor Gemstone fragments.

The Refining Stones are still hard to come by. You can buy them from the Spirit Altar. You should also pay attention to the seasonal events, for some of these you can get large amount of Refining Stones and Gemstones that can help upgrade your Gemstones to higher levels.

In the table below we list information required to enhance these gemstones. To make a better comparison we also listed the Valor and Chivalry Gemstone info in this table.

Gemstone Boost Refining Value Refining Value
to Upgrade to
Next Level
Refining Cost Per Boost Point
Valor Gem (IV) 20.0% 690 2,080 11.5
Valor Gem (V) 30.0% 2,770 17,780 30.8
Valor Gem (VI) 45.0% 20,550 152.2
Chivalry Gem (IV) 45.0% 20,550 15,930 152.2
Chivalry Gem (V) 49.5% 36,480 54,720 245.7
Chivalry Gem (VI) 58.5% 91,200 519.7
Basic Soul Gem (IV) 53.0% 21,570 16,730 135.7
Basic Soul Gem (V) 58.0% 38,300 142,140 220.1
Basic Soul Gem (VI) 69.0% 180,440 148,130 871.7
Precious Soul Gem (VI) 79.5% 328,570 328,460 1,377.7
Flawless Soul Gem (VI) 90.0% 657,030 2,433.4

The Refining Value is the total number of refining points used for the gemstone and the amount you can increase another gemstone with when using the gem to refine another.

The Refining Cost per Boost Point is an indication how much it costs to get extra combat boosts via the various gemstones. If you know the cost for gemstones in packs, or in stores in the game, you can use this information to determine whether this is the best way to get your combat boosts, or whether you can better spend your money and/or credits on another category. We multiply the boost in this calculation by 3, because you get the respective boost for 3 different troop types. For example Flawless Soul Gem (VI) gives you 270% (3x90) boost points and the cost is 657,030. If you divide 657,030 by 270 you get 2433.4.

From this overview you can conclude that from Chivalry Gem (VI), Basic, Precious and Flawless Soul Gem (VI) the cost per boost points gets very high.

The comparison above is for the gemstones providing the troop type specific boosts, for the troop attack/defense/health gemstones the boosts you get are 50% of the corresponding troop type specific boosts (e.g. Basic Vital Stone VI gives 34.5% Troop Attack/Defense Health) and the required refining points are the same.

King of Avalon Soul Gemstones

07/27/2018 - -

Explanation of boosts and refining point requirements of the new Basic Soul Gemstones compared to the Valor Gemstones.

Chaos Gemstones

In update 5.2 a new set of Gemstones were introduced, Chaos. The setup is similar to Soul Gemstones, with three subgrades, Basic, Precious and Flawless. The highest you can get is 58.5% for the Troop boost and 117% for troop type specific boosts. The difference is that you need to activate a Tome before you can use Gemstone Essence to craft the new Gemstones. The highest level Soul Gemstones cannot be upgraded to Chaos.


Soul Gemstones are relatively easy to acquire and all players should focus on having all of their gear slots filled with Soul Gemstones and upgrade them to at least lvl 5. After achieving that you can focus on getting them to level 6 one by one. The exception is the special Gemstones, it is not yet easily possible to get those, the Lucky Shot is the only way I know and you need to complete a full field.

Squared Stones

It is still difficult to get good gemstones for the squared slots (3rd slot in Ring and Amulet). There are some special gemstones for these that provide Troop Attack, Defense and Health boosts, but these are not easy to get (for free). If you ever spent some money and the Lucky Shot is available, you might consider focusing your efforts on a Gemstone field with a Basic Vital Soul Stone, but this will likely be the last Shot, so requires a large amount of Coins. That is basically the only way I know off you can work towards these, for the rest it is waiting until the game offers other ways or gives it away for free (they might do during a Christmas or Anniversary celebration).

Wisdom and Knowledge Gemstones

There are Wisdom and Knowledge Gemstones that reduce the amount of resources required for research. They are a huge help, especially with the relatively small research projects. If you already have the Wisdom Gemstones, before purchasing the Knowledge Gemstones do consider that Knowledge Gemstones (unlike Wisdom Gemstones) cannot be refined. Also consider that the percentage reduction is the same for both, so only the absolute reduction differs, which basically means as requirements for research get higher the benefit of having Knowledge Gemstones over Wisdom Gemstones becomes relatively smaller.


This should provide a basic understanding how to use Gemstones. In case you have any questions or tips, please share in the comment section.

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