Basic information and guide to help new players begin their game of Kingdoms of Heckfire, building and managing their kingdoms so they can have a good start in their game course of Kingdoms of Heckfire.


Kingdoms of Heckfire is a massive-multiplayer-online mobile game, in which players build and manage their kingdom in a fantasy world called Heckfire.

In this game, players build prerequisite buildings and all of their necessary support buildings for their kingdoms, upgrade them, collecting and managing resources, and also build and upgrade troops necessary for resource collection, kingdom defense, to clean realm monsters, and to attack other kingdoms if deemed necessary.

Nearly all aspects in this game have timer condition attached to them, so careful time management, good priority and decision making, and careful assets management in the form of collected resources and time speed up boosters are key to success in this game.

Playing the Game

At the beginning of the game, all players are guided under the in-game tutorial system which will guide them on early buildings and technology research, but soon it will certainly come time when there is no more tutorial to guide and players are required to make good decisions and correct priorities themselves for the survival and prosperity of their kingdoms.

All beginner players start the game under a grace period courtesy of the game company in the form of some initial assets and kingdom shield protection which fully protects the kingdom and all of its contents under an impenetrable barrier so other players will not be able to attack the protected kingdom until the timer for the shield expires.

Bearing that in mind, therefore while still under the protection period it is good to start right away identifying which matters are really important to do first, to jump start your kingdom to be able to survive and continue to thrive economically, technologically, and has adequate both quality and quantity wise troop forces to enable you to continue harvesting resources and killing realm monsters efficiently; while also maintaining ample defensive forces and attack forces should the need arise.

While still under the protection shield, your kingdom is not in immediate threat of being attacked, nor you will be in any position to attack other players successfully so early in the game, so it is recommended to start the game with focus on building strong economy as the primary objective, followed by constant drive on technology advancements preferably on those which may directly influence your kingdom’s economy. After that if resources still permit then it is recommended to spend the remaining assets on basic troop building which is very important early in the game for resource gathering and realm monster clearing which yields more resources for your budding kingdom. Lastly, dedicate what is still left of your resources on upgrading city wall which is important for your kingdom’s defense; since after the grace period shield expired then unless you want to buy more shield you would want your kingdom to be able to deter early attackers and stronger attackers at the later stage of the game.

While you are still under a protective shield, it is also necessary to start looking for a clan to join immediately. Joining a clan preferably an active clan is really important in this game as being in a clan give you a lot of benefits. Your collective forces’ strength is stronger both defensively and offensively, it is possible to share resources between the same clan members, you will have access to clan chests and monster chests which will be available each time a clan member managed to clean any realm monster encampments. Both type of chests offer many nice resources and assets beneficial to your daily kingdom operations, thus it is always very beneficial to join a clan as early as possible in this game. Chat and try to coordinate with clan members on good areas in the map which offer nice clusters of resources and realm monsters, it is also good to try to move your kingdom closer to trustworthy allied kingdoms using teleportation function to make coordination easier, to defend each other easier and to coordinate assaults on realm monsters or hostile kingdoms more effectively.

As a guideline on when to upgrade your town hall level, at every stage of the game it is usually not advisable to rush upgrade the town hall immediately as early as possible at the cost of necessary upgrades on prerequisite buildings and their assorted supportive buildings. Only upgrade your town hall lastly after you at least have reached the threshold level for all of your economic buildings and all of their supportive buildings, along with maximum level possible of technology researches permitted at your current level, preferably which also have economic improvement effects. This is because at higher levels the daily operation costs of your kingdom will be increasingly expensive, and a strong economy will help you finance important things for your kingdom more conveniently.

In early stages of the game, use troops to constantly collect more resources, and to raid realm monster encampments for more resources and items. Try to research early the technology which allows you to send out more teams into the realm to do different things simultaneously. This technology is very important as the more teams you can send out into the realm, the more efficient time wise your resource gathering process is.

Throughout the game the priorities described in the general guideline above can be interchanged as players see fit, but to have any good progress in playing the game the general principle more or less stays true to the guideline.

This concluded the overview of Kingdoms of Heckfire.

Other aspects of the game will be described in several future guides.

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