Boost Types
Admin Quest Increased Allied Troops Travel Speed Altar Army ATK Altar Army DEF
Altar Army Max HP Altar Travel Speed Archer Cost Reduction Army ATK
Army Capacity Army DEF Army Limit Army Max HP
Ballista Cost Reduction Cataphract Cost Reduction Catapult Cost Reduction Cavalry ATK
Cavalry DEF Cavalry Max HP Coaliation Army ATK Construction Speed
Enemy Invading Troop ATK Reduction Energy Regain Speed Energy Saver Execution Wait Time Reduction
Extra Supplies Food Hourly Production Food Production Increase Forging Speed
Free Acceleration Free Daily Bravehearts Uses Free Daily Elite Stage Entries Gathering Speed
Gathering Troops Travel Speed Gem Gathering Speed Gladiator Cost Reduction Gold Hourly Production
Gold Production Increase Grunt Cost Reduction Guild Quests Hospital Healing Speed
Hunts in a Row Infantry ATK Infantry DEF Infantry Max HP
Infirmary Capacity Max Allied Troop Size Max Army Size Max Coalition Army Size
Max Deployable Heroes in Army Max Deployable Traps Max Energy Max Food Storage
Max Help Max Hero Level Max Ore Storage Max Stone Storage
Max Timber Storage Max Wall HP Monster Hunt DMG Boost Monster Hunt Healing Effect
Monster Hunt Max HP Monster Hunt Travel Speed Ore Hourly Production Ore Production Increase
Player EXP Boost Ranged ATK Ranged DEF Ranged Max HP
Reptilian Rider Cost Reduction Research Speed Scouting Level Sharpshooter Cost Reduction
Siege Engine ATK Siege Engine DEF Siege Engine Max HP Stone Hourly Production
Stone Production Increase Supply Capacity Supply Tax Reduction Supply Troop Travel Speed
Talent Points Timber Hourly Production Timber Production Increase Training Capacity
Training Speed Trap ATK Trap Building Speed Trap DEF
Trap Max HP Trap Retrieval I Trap Retrieval II Trap Retrieval III
Trap Retrieval IV Travel Speed Turf Food Storage Turf Gold Storage
Turf Ore Storage Turf Stone Storage Turf Timber Storage Vault Storage
Vault Storage Boost VIP Quest Chests Wall DEF Wall HP Boost
Wall Repair Speed

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