When you start playing Mobile Strike you will be able to auto complete all your building upgrades and research projects take minutes or hours at most. During one playing session you can do a lot of things, but soon you will find yourself looking at timers, for research, construction and troop training. Not only that, the next time you log into the game, the same timers are still running. This will be a large part of the game and to grow it is very important to make sure your research, construction and training speed are fast to complete everything as soon as possible.

How Do Speed Up Boosts Work?

If we look at research there is an initial Research Speed without any boost, let's refer to this as RS. Any research speed boost is relative to this RS, so 100% research speed boost means that your research speed is now 2 times RS. This means a reduction for the time it will take you to do a research project. With a 100% boost, if you do a research project with original time 2 days, it will now only take you 1 day. Mathematically the time reduction is by a factor of 100 / (100 + Research Speed Boost).

So with 100% Boost the time reduction is by a factor of 0.5, for 200% boost by 0.333 and for 300% boost by 0.25. Although those additional boost percentages are still very valuable (especially with original research times getting into hundreds of days), absolute reduction in time will be less as you already acquire a good base boost.

Commander Skill Points

By far the easiest way to speed up research, construction and troop training is via the Commander Skill Points, and it is a very effective way as well: you get great boosts. Each time your Commander upgrades you get a number of Commander Skill Points to assign (via the Commander icon in the left top of your Base View, via the button Skill Points, Rebel Target Skill Points, the Commander Icon is blinking if there are unassigned points).

We will give some tips on how to assign the points until your Commander hits level 35. If you have assigned them in a different way, do not worry, there is a relatively cheap item called Commander Skill Reset (150,000 Loyalty in the Alliance Store or 1000 Gold in the Store) that allows you to reset your Commander Skill Tree.

The first four points should go 2 to Troop Attack and 2 to Food Production. Once this is done Construction and Research are unlocked and the next points should be used until these are both maxed (10/10) which should give you a 30% Construction Boost and a 30% Research Boost by the time you hit Commander Level 13. After this you should assign one more point to Food Production and work your way around the right side of the tree, each time the minimum points in a category so that the next project is unlocked until you have 5 points in Coin Output II, which unlocks Research II and Construction II. Note that until Iron Production the minimum points are 3, after the minimum becomes 5. Whether you start with Construction II now or Research II is up to you, but you should max out both to 20/20 so that by the time you have reached Commander Level 32 you have an additional 65% Research and 65% Construction Boost. The next 15 points should be assigned to Troop Training on the left side of the tree so that you get the 30% Troop Training Boost as well, by the time your Commander reaches level 35. Optionally you could first take the Troop Training Boost before going to the right side to go to Construction II and Research II, it is a matter of preference. Afterwards you could try to max Troop Training II, which you can do at Commander Level 45, but some players might opt for either some food production or gathering boosts instead. Note that at the left side of the tree there are very powerful combat boosts as well, and before going into combat you might reset the skill tree as you do not want to miss out on those boosts.

Construction Research

As soon as a new level of Construction Research is available, research it. Although the initial boosts are relatively small, every bit helps. Besides that, up to level 8 of the Construction research project the power/research time ratio is very good to use to win extreme challenges.

Research Facility

Every level you upgrade your Research Facility you get a 1% Research Speed Boost, and a 5% boost for Level 21. Until level 20 there are no extra requirements besides the headquarters of the same level to upgrade the Research Facility, so although it is only one percent, it is best to upgrade as fast as possible. Upgrading to 21 requires a separate Guide, it is a requirement for unlocking tier 4 troops and in itself it has a lot of requirements (basically one of each other building needs to go to level 21 first).


Gear for Construction and Research Boost can also make a huge difference, like the Commander Skill Points, but it is not so easy to make. Most importantly is that you need to require the right materials, which we will discuss in more detail in another Guide. The best gear typically also requires your commander to be at a high level. On this website when you go to the Data – Boost Types section you can find for each Boost Type the gear that provides the boost, the required materials, and where those materials can be found. Some people will advise to combine materials until level 6 and only manufacture gear if you have all level 6 materials. Sure it is nice to have level 6 gear, but this might take a very long time and most of the research gear has at level 3 already half of the boost you get at level 6, so in our eyes it is worthwhile considering already to manufacture at level 3 or 4 if you feel you might have a hard time getting to level 6. For research try to make a level 3 or 4 Body Armor Field Scientist Uniform, 2 accessories of Fields Op Kit, Welding Gloves, GPS, Tactical Laptop and Weapon Silenced Sniper Rifle. There are no good Helmets and Footwear for Research Boosts. For Construction Speed the Engineer's Hammer is the best accessory by far, making it at level 3 already beats all but one other accessory, and all other equipment types as well. There is a reasonable Body Armor in Mechanic's Vest, Footwear in Construction Boots, Helmet in Engineer's Headset and Weapon in Tactical Sledgehammer, but some of the required materials like 9-Volt Battery, Damascus Steel and Foam Padding might prove hard to come by. For Weapons there is an easier to attain slightly inferior alternative in Corner Shot, the others do not have any alternative gear with good construction boost. Besides Construction Speed boost there is also some gear for Construction Time reduction. There are especially useful early on, they deduct time from the undiscounted original time. They can be manufactured from the materials Army Camo Cloth, Iron, Multi Tool and Screwdriver, which drop during gathering on standard tiles and at this moment are not used to manufacture anything else. If you are an active gatherer you probably have no problem getting materials for a level 4 or even level 5 complete set of this gear. There is very limited gear for troop training boost.

Note: for a gear boost to be active your commander needs to wear the gear at the moment you start the research, construction, training etc. One you have started the commander can change gear and this will not influence the timer.


Each level of each bank you have provides a 1 percent troop training boost. This is something to take into consideration when deciding how many banks you want to build. Training Grounds do not influence the training speed, just the amount of troops you can train at one time. If you log in frequently each day you probably do not need more than 3 training grounds, maxed out. Hospitals are useful as well, they prevent a number of your troops to die if your base is attacked, but initially you might want to build many banks to increase training speed and even hold off on building a Death row and Prison. As the game progresses you might decide to replace some of the Banks with Hospitals.

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