Star Trek Fleet Command seems to be an interesting mix of various game types. It has the base building concepts (building upgrades, research, leveling up, alliances) that I am used to from games like Mobile Strike and King of Avalon, but also has a strong focus on more typical RPG features, like completing story related missions, and aligning your choices with a selected faction in a game to specialize your account. Building and Developing Spaceships, Recruiting and Improving Officers, Upgrading Buildings, Research are some of the key actions to help you beat both computer and human opposition and progress in the game.


A new game starts with a tutorial. For first game players it is good to walk through this slowly as the game can get complicated because of its many different features. The tutorial forces you to complete several missions and does a good job of explaining the absolute basics.


An important step is to find a suitable Alliance. Initially you get to select an alliance via the Tutorial, which depending on activity can be good for the first day or so, but it is worthwhile to consider switching to a more suitable Alliance later. Via the Alliance menu you can apply to join an alliance or join one of the alliances that are currently open. The open alliances might not be the best and it might be good to shop around a bit. Find one that you feel comfortable with. If you are in the game for the long run it is important you find some likeminded people in your alliance. Give an alliance a serious chance, but if you don't like it, do switch to another one.


Although you shouldn't ignore the rest of your account, in the beginning it is good to just make progress by completing missions that are suggested to you. You can access the available Missions via the exclamation point at the left bottom of your screen. Besides the main story line, it also provides various Missions that help you with your account development, such as building and research.

Daily Objectives

Besides the Missions, there are also Daily Goals, accessible as a tab next to the Mission menu. These are not always exactly the same like in some other games, some are changing based on your account development, but they are normally reltively easy to achieve and will provide some nice daily rewards.

Upgrading Buildings

When going to the Interior of your space station you can build and upgrade quite a large variety of buildings. Upgrading buildings have some direct benefit, but also are necessary to unlock certain research and other features of the game. Ideally you try to keep the building upgrades going, but at this stage I am not yet sure whether that is realistic from a resource point of view.

Some important buildings are Operations, R&D Department and Resource Generators.


Operations is the key building, upgrading it increases the level of your account and it is the first building that needs to be upgraded before you can upgrade any other building (although there are a lot of extra dependencies as well).

Upgrading to lvl 6 allows you to build your first Tritanium Generator, and lvl 10 your first Dilithium Generator, so might be good to get to fast, but any level will unlock new buildings and/or building levels.

R&D Department

In the R&D Department you can do research. Research improves your account and unlocks new features as well. Also try to keep research going as much as possible.

Resource Generators

For a lot of activities (e.g. Research, Repairing Ship, Building Upgrades) you require resources and one way to get those is by building and upgrading Resource Generators. There are three resource types and more Resource Generators are unlocked as you upgrade your Operations building. Make sure to build and upgrade the Resource Generators as well and be sure to harvest them by clicking on the resources above them regularly, because otherwise they stop production after a while.

Helping Alliance Members with Research and Construction

If you are in an active alliance you will regularly see a purple Help icon, which you should always use to Help reduce timers from your alliance members. Similarly when you build or research you request help and if you are in an active alliance, getting the quick reduction from your times can help a lot, especailly early on in the game.


The game has 71 possible Officers. So far I only had a look at some of the easier to acquire ones. These Officers play an important roles in improving your account, they can be assigned to Ships (more about that in the next section) and leveling/ranking them up will improve their performance.

Recruiting officers can be done with recruitment tokens, for the lower levels you can get quite a lot via missions and normal game play. These tokens can also provide you with commander shards that are necessary to promote an Officer to the next rank. Promotion gives an improvement in stats directly, but it also is very helpful because it increases the maximum EXP level an Officer can attain. The EXP level of an officer can be increased with Officer EXP, which is also quite easy to achieve via Missions and normal game play.

Space Ships

Although I describe Space Ships last when it comes to the 4 important concepts in this game (Buildings, Research, Officers, Space Ships), it is actually the most important.

Your Space Ships are what you use for your acitivities and your Officers, Building upgrades and Research projects are all aimed at making your Space Ships perform better, use more Space Ships simultaneously, unlock new types of space ships etc.

In the Drydocks icons at the bottom middle of your screen you can access your active Space Ships. For most changes the Space Ship should be back at your base, and repaired. You can click on a Drydock item and select Recall to get a Space Ship back to your Base and Repair to repair it.

In the Manage menu you can Upgrade your Space Ship, which can be done to a higher level with Ship EXP, as well as a higher tier using ship parts and resources. Clicking on the Upgrade button will allow you both to assign Ship Parts and Ship EXP.

You can also Assign Officers. When you start you will only have one Ship and a few Officers, but later on with several Ships and many Officers it is important to make sure the Officers complement eachother and the Ship when it comes to their stats and the Captain Maneuver and Officer Abilities.

Using Latinum and Speed Ups

During the game there are various ways to get Latinum (this games' gold) and speed ups, but you won't get a lot, so be picky about what to spend it on. Once your times start to be more than just a few minutes you might get tempted to use these to speed up research and construction. My general advise is don't just use these, only use them if you can get something back by winning prizes in the active Events. Saving up some Latinum and speed ups is important so that it will be easier to win the prizes of those Events.


Although the power of a player has no direct meaning for your strength in combat, it is often used by players as a quick measurement of strength anyway. In these type of games typically alliances will set certain power requirements for their players which increase over time. As such it is important you get your power up as well. Compared to other similar games I have so far found it quite hard to get more details about the power. I assume Building Upgrades, Research, Officers, Ships, all contribute to power, so just leep develping your account. You can see your total Power in the top left corner of your screen.

Rigellian Destroyer

There are quite some computer opposition space ships flying around. Attack them for some goodies whenever you can. Besides the goodies (you can see what the ship contains before you attack and also Scan to make sure it is not too strong), you also get valuable Ship EXP.


At the right top of your screen you see a list of active and recently closed Events. Have a look at the active Events, often these Events are a great way to get some rewards for developing your account.


There are three different Gift boxes available via the Gift icon on the right of your screen. These give some free gifts with different cooldown timers. Be sure to claim them whenever they are available.

Check List of What to Do When You Log In

Most of the things in this section we already mentioned, but it might be good to have a reminder of what you should look at as a minimum when you log into the game:

  • Click on Help to Help all alliance members with research and construction etc
  • Collect free gifts at the right side of your base view
  • Harvest your Resource Generators
  • Recruit Upgrade Officers
  • Level up your Space Ships
  • Start a research if none is active
  • Start a building upgrade if none is active
  • Have a look at the Events, see if it is easy to win some rewards
  • Focus on your Daily Objectives
  • Complete some Missions


This guide should have given you a basic understanding of what the game is about and what to do to build your account and progress in the game. In the weeks to come we plan to provide more guides going in-depth in specific areas of the game play.

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