Each day you can complete Daily Goals to get all kind of nice rewards. Typically you will find if you actively play you already score quite some points and it will just be a little extra effort to score enough points to win extra prizes. This guide contains a description of typical goals you can score points for for the daily goals prize targets.

Star Trek Fleet Daily Goals

04/09/2019 - -

Explanation of the Daily Goals in Star Trek Fleet Command.


Via the Mission icon at the left of the window you get into your Mission overview, from where you can switch to the Daily Goals tab. These Daily goals refresh each day and contain a number of activities for which you can acquire points. You get rewards both for completing individual goals as well as reaching certain point milestones.

Below a description of typical goals. I am using my list, with targets and points, I am currently lvl 13. These will vary, but should give an indication.

Power Creep - 3000 power increase by research and upgrading - 40 points

You should focus on keep doing building upgrades and research anyway as much as possible. Difficult thing I find is that, to my knowledge, you cannot find upfront how much power building upgrades and researches give, so it is more a matter of building and researching as much as possible and hoping it gives you enough power.

Prime Real Estate - 5 upgrades - 20 points

At my level this is normally quite easy as I have plenty of fast upgrades (e.g. resource buildings).

Research Projects - 3 researches - 20 points

There are also plenty of research projects at my level that just take one or two hours.

Alliance Solidarity - 10 Helps - 10 points

Providing Helps for your alliance members , via the purple shaking hands item at the right side of your screen. This should be no problem in an active alliance, and you should be in an active alliance.

Fortune Finder - Open your daily chest - 10 points

Probably easiest one, just open the game once a day and open the daily chest.

Looter - Open 2 4 Hour Free Chests - 25 points

Also easy, just have to open the chest and login again after 4 hours and open the next chest.

Hostile Hunter - Defeat 10 hostiles of lvl 12 or higher - 10 points

This one depends a bit on your strength, sometimes your target will be easy, you can hit all 10 without needing a repair, other times you need to repair after a few times. Find a system with hostiles your best space ship is strong against.

Hostile Harbinger - Defeat 25 hostiles of lvl 13 or higher - 25 points

This one depends a bit on your strength, sometimes your target will be easy, you can hit all 25 with only needing a few repairs, other times you need to repair after 3-4 kills. Find a system with hostiles your best space ship is strong against.

Note that in this case for me there is no need to hit lvl 12 space ships, if I hit 25 lvl 13+ space ships, I completed both these space ship hitting targets.

Spelunker I - Mine 2000 2 star Crystal, Gas or Ore - 10 points

Can be other resources as well at different levels, this one can be quite hard, especially if you don't have much time. In my experience these mines can be quite hard to find (at least unoccupied ones) and to stay on.


There are a total of 4 prize levels, at 30, 60, 100, and 150 points. These give resources, recruitment tokens and some latinum.

All goals also give individual rewards just for completing them, these include resources, ship EXP, officer EXP, ship parts, speed ups.


Since you do a lot of the Daily Goals activities anyway, it is good to pay attention to this. A little effort can provide you with useful prizes.

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