This guide describes the types of resources available in Star Trek Fleet Command and how to acquire them.


Besides the basic resources Parsteel, Tritanium and Dilithium that are initially required, this guide will also deal with the special resources based on the raw Crystal, Gas and Ore.

Basic Resources

There are 3 types of basic resources in Star Trek: Fleet Command. They are:

  • Parsteel
  • Tritanium
  • Dilithium

All basic activities such as Building, Research, Ship Building, Repariing typically requires some of all these resources.

Acquiring Basic Resources

Especially early on in the game, the most important way is production with Generator buildings in your space station. This is done by building and upgrading Parsteel, Tritanium and Dilithium Generators. New slots and building levels become available as you upgrade your Operations building. Drawback of production is that once your warehouse reaches max capacity the production halts.

Mining resource nodes (available in some systems) is another good way to get resources. I believe in different galaxies different type of mines are available in different systems, so I won't try to provide any map of what to find where here. In general it seems like there is some relation between the higher the system level, the more rare the mine types are, meaning Parsteel and Tritanium you will find on lower level systems compared to Dilithium and the special resources I describe below.

Mining resources is dangerous activity, there are plenty of players who attack space ships on mining nodes. Some might only do this if the mine is zero, or if your ship has overcapacity (carrying more resources than it can protect), but others just like to destroy ships for the PvE crates.

Note that you get a huge mining speed boost when using mining ships such as the ECS fortunate, which mines resources 3 times as fast as regular space ships of similar level, which can further be improved by having the right officers on board. Also the total capacity and protected capacity are a lot larger. The protected cargo capacity on regular space ships is typically very low. Especially the last makes me advice against using combat space ships for mining, if you are tempted to do so because your mining ships are destroyed too easily by competition.

Just like you can be attacked, you can also attack other players. I am too some extend still a beginning player and I am not too sure if there are regulated periods of aggression in this game (e.g. events where you get points for destroying space ships). I hope so, because I am not really a fan of 24/7 aggression, which makes it very difficult to grow your account without spending significantly. For this reason I am not really a fan of attacking players just for resources.

There are other ways to get resources, such as missions, daily goals and events. The amounts you get from those can be quite a lot as well.

If you are short on basic resources you can use your Latinum, but I think there are better things to do with them. Perhaps using it for the special resources is a better way to spend Latinum.

Crystal, Gas and Ore

Once you have played a couple of weeks you probably start to run into situations where you need special resources, like 2 * Common Refined Crystal. These special resources can be requirements for upgrading buildings, doing research, upgrading ships.

These special resources are a lot harder to come by. There are basically two ways, you can get the directly, for example from events or buying packs, or you can get first get the Raw Crystal, Gas or Ore and Refine it in the Refinery.

The raw Crystal, Gas and Ore can be mined in certain systems like the basic resources, although the mining nodes are in general a lot more competitive. In addition they can be rewards for certain events, you can get them from the free 4 hour and daily chest, and you get free amounts when upgrading the Refinery building.

Depending on the level of your Refinery building you have different possibilities to Refiner the rare raw resources. I am currently still at a low level, I have a lvl 9 Refinery, which offers me the possibility to refine 1 or 2 batches of 2 * Crystal, Gas or Ore. Normally I get an amount of Common 2 * Crystal, Gas or Ore in return, which is what has been required so far. Later on there will be requirements for the Uncommon version of these resources, and there is also a 3 * variation of everything.


As I grow my account I am collecting the requirements of all resources for building upgrades, research projects, buildings ships. These are accessible on the website via the overviews linked at the bottom of this article. In case you want to share info, it is much appreciated, please register and add the data.


This should give you a basic understanding of the required resources in Star Trek: Fleet Command. I will work on other guides that go into more depth as to how to meet the ever increasing resource requirements. Please share tips and let me know if you have questions.

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