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Space ships play a crucial role in the game. Everything else you do basically resolves around making your space ships better (or making better space ships...). With your space ships you can explorer space, attack computer and human opposition, mine resources and complete missions. As you grow your account better space ships become available.

Via the link at the bottom of this guide you will find a complete overview of all available space ships.


There are three types of Space Ships. One type is very different, which is Survey or Mining. These ships have a large mining speed bonus and their attack is very low, they should basically only be used for mining.

The other three, Explorer, Battleship and Interceptor, are actually quite similar when you look at their main stats, but when you look at the Detail Stats you will see some important differences.

Explorers have a higher warp speed (and an average impulse speed). For Attacking the Accuracy stands out, while for Defense and Health they are mainly focussed on Shield, their conventional armor and hull protection is low.

Battleships have an average warp speed and a slow impulse speed. For attacking they have a strong shield piercing, while the defense and health is focussed on the armor and hull protection, shield protection is low.

Interceptors have an average warp speed and a high impulse speed. For attacking they have high armor piercing and low shield piercing, while for the defense both armor and shield protection is low, but they have a high dodge capability.

Based on these stats you can conclude as a general rule that Explorers are strong against Interceptors and weak against Battleships, Battleships are strong against Explorers and weak against Interceptors and Interceptors are weak against Explorers and strong against Battleships.

Because of the higher warp speed Explorers are more suitable to explore new systems and because of the higher impulse speed Interceptors can be used to chase attacking ships.

Do take into consideration that these comparisons hold for ships of the same level, most stats increase anyway and a higher level Battleship might very well have a higher warp speed than a lower level Explorer.


Ships are divided in 4 different quality grades (Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic) and can have between 1 and 3 Stars.


To be able to build a Ship you need to upgrade your Shipyard to the right level, you need to unlock the ship in the R&D Department, and you need to get the required Blueprints. These Blueprints can be required from some research projects, they can be rewards from missions and loot from pve and pvp encounters.

Once you have met these requirements you can build the ship in the Shipyard, which requires resources and takes time.


The number of Drydocks you have unlocked determines the number of space ships you can have active simultaneously. More space ships active, means more space ships out mining, doing missions, exploring, or causing havoc in your galaxy, and don't forget that at times space ships will be busy being repaired or upgraded, so make sure you unlock new drydocks (with the Fleet Commander research) as soon as you can to be as active as possible.


When Space Ships are at your base and are fully repaired you can upgrade them via the Manage menu. This can be done in two ways, you can level up and tier up the ship. To tier up a ship you need to assign certain parts (that you can acquire via missions, pvp and pve encounters, dailies, events) and once all slots are filled up you can Tier Up the ship, which requires time. Tiering up a space ship increases the maximum EXP level of the ship. There is a maximum to which a space ship can be tiered up. You can assign Ship EXP to level up the experience level of a space ship.

By upgrading the level of the space ship in these ways you can increase all kind of stats of your space ship, including the Ship Ability and the number of officers you can assign to a ship.

Assigning Officers

When assigning Officers to a space ship you need to pay attention to whether the officers will complement your space ship and eachother. There are many space ships and a lot more officers and since you won't have all officers unlocked, and the ones that you have unlocked will be upgraded to different levels it is not possible to give suggestions which officers to use with which ships, but we will discuss some considerations.

Look at the Officer's Captain Maneuver and see whether this complements the ship type, or your intended use of the ship. E.g. if you have a ship with which you mine a lot of tritanium, using K'Bisch as a Captain, who has a Captain Maneuver that increases Tritanium Mining Speed might be a good move. Another example, if you have an Interceptor with which you want to hunt down other players in a system, the Impulse speed is important and assigning Klaa with his Captain Maneuver that increases the Impulse speed as captain might be a good move for you. Only the Captain Maneuver for the officer assigned as Captain (the middle spot of the bridge) will be active.

The Office Ability of all three Officers assigned to the bridge will be used. The same holds here as above.

Besides the combination between each officer and the ship, also pay attention to how the officers influence each other. E.g. if you use Cadet Sulu as a bridge officer, his officer ability increases the attack of all officers on the ship, make sure you have officers that already have a high basic attack value to make the most of this ability.

Also consider that using officers on the bridge from the same synergy group as the captain will give additional increase to the Captain Maneuver (you will see this as a percentage above the connecting line). Early on in the game examples of such synergy groups are "Another Time" and "Surveyors & Miners".

Note that assigning officers to the spots that will be unlocked later will help increase the Attack, Defense and Health stats of the space ship, but those are not officers on the bridge, so there Officer Ability will not be active.

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