Introduction and basic information regarding the mobile game Warhammer Quest 2 The End Times.


Warhammer Quest II is a mobile game from Perchang under Games Workshop banner, it is a fantasy Role Playing Game set in the ancient Warhammer universe in which the great evil in the form of Chaos Legion has come to annihilate everything, prompting previous factions that were once enemies to form an uneasy alliance and together trying to find means to repel the Chaos Legion menace.

In Warhammer Quest II player form a party out of heroes out of several factions and races he or she comes across during the exploration of the realm, accepting main story quests and doing numerous side quests, while trying to grow the heroes making them stronger and better equipped.

In this game players explore the realm to finish side quests which reward players with more heroes to select for, more gold coins to spend on whichever matters players see necessary, and items to make the selected heroes perform better in the form of better equipments such as weapons, armour, rings, and spells/abilities.

Playing the Game

Warhammer Quest II: The End Times is about exploration, searching for better items, and trying to grow the preferred heroes collected. Players explore the surface of the realm on which they will come across places of interests, and explore dungeons filled with monsters which will reward them with something interesting if players are able to finish the exploration of any particular region of interests. Players should spend the rewards they received from the exploration wisely, to get better heroes, and to equip them with better equipments so they will be more likely to survive the exploration process.

Players start with 1 large region out of 2 possible regions in the entire Empire Map to explore, the other region is available as a purchasable downloadable content.

Players may choose to stay on the main quest patch which consists of 10 acts in total, or doing side quests scattered throughout the realm, which seem to be never in short supplies. Actually, the exploration process itself and the endless drive to always search for better equipments are the main attractions of the game, which most players that love Role Playing Game should find as exciting.

The end goal of the game is to either finish the main story quests; or keep on playing to develop the most powerful heroes possible, equipped with the best equipments available in the game.

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