Most of the days there is a daily event active that you can focus on to win prizes. This guide deals with information relevant for winning the Kill Monsters daily event.

How to Kill Monsters

The map contains many monsters of different levels. By sending out a march to these monsters you can kill them. It is not a sure thing, if you are not strong enough you can be defeated by a monster and even if you kill it some troops might get injured.


Points are acquired based on the level of the killed monster. A monster lvl 1 gives 100 points, lvl 2 200 points, lvl 3 300 points and so on.

Preparation and Boosts

Any Combat boost (Attack, Defense, Health) is relevant for this Event. In addition the March Size (absolute increase of March Size) and Maximum March Size (relevant increase of March Size) allow for more troops in a march, so make a march stronger. These allow you to attack higher level monsters scoring points faster.

Having more Total Marches unlocked allows you to attack more monsters at the same time. Since the point requirement is quite high and you might need to march few minutes to find the right level monsters, completing this event is time consuming, so being able to hit multiple higher level monsters is important. Of course you need to train plenty of troops as well to fill those marches, the higher tier the better.

The March Speed boost and Attack Monster March Speed boost make the marches faster, thus will make sure you require less time per attack.

The Recovery Speed of Stamina boost makes you regenerate the stamina you require for attacking monsters faster. You still need to make sure you save up on plenty of Stamina items, but a fast stamina recovery can save you some items.


Depending on whether your available game time or your stamina is the most restricting factor you might either chose to hit many monsters nearby, including the lower levels, with multiple marches, or go further with one march on only your best troops. I tend to opt to slay monsters with multiple marches, do not have the patience or time to be too picky about which monsters I hit.

If you doubt whether this event is worth it or not, which I can imagine, because it is by far the most time consuming of the Daily Events, realize that killing monsters have the extra benefit that there is chance of drop of materials need for Forging Equipment. So you are not only doing it for the gold, also for forging better gear.

If you have the stamina items there is not much more to it than just keep killing monsters until you have reached the required points limit.


I hope these tips make it easy to win the Kill Monsters Daily event. If you have questions or want to share more tips, please use the comment section below.

Contributed by: on July 14, 2016


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