All information relating to the boost type Troop Training Speed in Guns of Glory including what research projects increase Troop Training Speed and what the best gear is for Troop Training Speed.
Name Troop Training Speed
Type Percentage
Category Max Boost
Research Projects 25.0%
Lord Talent Trees 25.0%
Buildings 160.0%
Best Gear Set 90.0%
All Guards (Innovator) 66.0%
Total 366.0%

Research Projects Giving Troop Training Speed Boost

Research Project Research Category Total Boost
Train Speed I Development 5.0%
Train Speed II Development 20.0%

Lord Skills Giving Troop Training Speed Boost

Lord Skill Skill Tree Total Boost
Training Speed I Balance Skill Tree 5.0%
Training Speed II Balance Skill Tree 20.0%

Buildings Giving Troop Training Speed Boost

Building Total Boost
Military Tent 20.0%

Gear Sets Giving Troop Training Speed Boost (all gear, resonance and enhancement boosts)

Gear Set Total Boost
Honor 90.0%
Fortune 30.0%

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All Guards Giving Troop Training Speed Boost

Guard Boost
Voltaire (Innovator) 66.0%
Galileo Galilei (Innovator) 60.0%

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