In June 2019 the Honor Challenge Event was introduced in Guns of Glory. This guide explains this event.

King of Avalon Opening 24 Challenge Chests

06/20/2019 - -

Opening 24 Challenge Chests


This event last about 14 days during which you get points for many of the activities you typically do anyway, these points count towards milestones that provide you extra rewards. There are Daily Activites which refresh each day and Elite Activities that do not refresh during the event.

Daily Challenge Activities

For Donating up to 96 times a day you get points. This should be possible if you play activitely without having to pay gold to reset.

For 25 Alliance Helps you get points, this should not be a problem in an active alliance.

You also get points for 20 and 50 trades in the market stall. The 50 might not be worth it, because it costs quite some gold.

You get points for gathering resources, there are a total of 5 point milestones, the highest 10 million. Gathering in alliance resource buildings counts as well, and the amounts are based on Food/Wood requirement, the points you accumulate for amounts of Iron and Silver you gather are based on the normal point factors (amount of Iron times 5, amount of Silver times 20). You should be able to get all points if you have a well developed account and play actively throughout the day. I believe taking resources by attacking also counts towards these targets, but have to double check.

For using up to 320 Lord Stamine (4 milestones) you get points as well, this should also be easy to max out for active players with a decent lord stamina recovery.

Spending 240 Creation Stamina should also be easy to get the points for all 3 milestones.

For a total power gain of 600,000 for training troops you get points divided over 5 milestones. This can be achieved easily by daily training a 24 hour batch of (high tier) troops in each training building.

Using 3000 minutes of Speedups also provides points, and although it is not that much, you might deplete your speedups if you do it daily.

Gathering Crystals in the Spirit Mines for 20 hours a day also provides an easy opportunity to get some points.

Claiming 5 Daily gifts is arguable the easiest of the lot to get some points.

Opening 6 Alliance Gift Chests is very easy assuming you are in an alliance that gets enough points to get the max gift chests daily.

Elite Challenge Acitivities

Joining 4 Night Siege sessions during this event gives max points in this category, an easy one.

Joining 6 Underworld Gate Challenges is relatively easy, as it also counts when you just donate once the subsequent Underworld Gate Challenge is executed, you don't have to be in a rally.

Attacking the Kingdom Threat Golem a total of 20 times is easy for all players.

Joining 2 Red Guard Raids gives max points, again something easy for accounts of any size.

Collecting resource 35 times in the Musketeer Fort is tougher, it requires to be quite active.

For Ultimate Alliance Campaign you need to score max individual points to get all point rewards, this is relatively tough, especially for smaller accounts.

Similar as for Ultimate Alliance Campaign, for Blood War you also have milestones directly matching the individual points you can score during the event.


The rewards you can get are mostly Challenge Chests and Challenge Resource Packages. This is a big drawback of the event in my eyes: it is easy to score enough points for all rewards, but the rewards are just not impressive. Besides the Challenge Chests and Challenge Resource Packs you can get one Challenge Key (required to open a Challenge Chest, probably the most valuable reward), 30 Large Airship EXP, 100 Large Airship EXP, 400 Medium Guardian Components, 30 Large Airship EXP, and 400 Medium Guardian Components.

Challenge Chests and Keys

This event mostly seems like a way to get get people to spend money on purchasing Challenge Keys to open all the Challenge Chests. They are relatively cheap to purchase, there are 1USD packs with 1 Challenge Key in them. In the video shown above I open 24 of such chests with keys I purchased for King of Avalon. Eventhough the terminology is different it should give a good idea of what kind of rewards you can expect in Guns of Glory, so that you can get an impression whether this is worth it.

When you click on the exclamation mark in the Chest overview screen, you see an overview of the Great and Advanced Rewards you potentially can get, but as you see in my video it is in practice mostly simpler things like Airship Part Materials, Gemstone Essence, Coat of Arms Material, Curiositues Ingredients etc.


I find it a missed opportunity to give a bit more rewards to low/non spenders. There is an imbalance between what you get for free when unlocking all rewards, and what you get for just spending 1 USD, in my eyes.

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