This article gives an explanation of how maximize your Distance Attack boost in Guns of Glory. The focus is on Distance Attack, but for most categories Defense and Health are acquired in the same manner.

Guns of Glory Maximizing Distance Attack

10/28/2018 - -

Explanation of all the different ways to increase your Distance Attack boosts.

Scope of this Article

We will have a look at each category in which you can get Distance Attack boosts and explain how you can acquire these.


The Retribution Rifle gives a basic Distance Attack boost of 100%. This can be increased with 4% for each Enhancement level for a total of 20%, making the total Distance Attack boost 120%.


Four fully refined Flawless Darkness Gems will give you a 468% (4x117%) Distance Attack boost.

Airhsip Parts

Two fully upgraded Epic Platinum Cannon Airship Parts Emblems will give you 240% (2x120%) Distance Attack boost.

Coat of Arms

Four fully upgraded Epic Grand Dueler Coat of Arms will give you 140% (4x35%) Distance Attack boost.


Two fully enhanced Gold Telescope of Galileo Stars Curiosities will give you 160% (2x80%) Distance Attack boost.

Glory Levels

I don't have complete data for this, so far only until lvl 31, at which level the Shooting Range gives 78.7%, and Trade Station and Lookout Tower each 2.22%.

Extrapolating this data based on the assumption that the increments for each level above 31 will be the same as the increment from lvl 30 to 31, I estimate a total glory level Distance Attack boost of 96.52% for the Shooting Range and of 11.1% for the Trade Station and Lookout Tower each. So a total of 118.72%


There are a total of 5 Distance Attack projects in Combat I, 3 in the Alliance Research, and 3 in Combat II, that can provide a total Distance Attack boost of 124.5% (of which 75% in Combat II).

Talent Points

Lord Talent points in War contains 3 Distance Attack projects that give a total of 25% Distance Attack buff.

Airship Abilities

Distance Devestation II can provide a total unenhanced Distance Attack buff of 100%. Enhancing this Airship Ability to 5 stars gives it an additional 42% buff, making the total Distance Attack Buff 142%.


You can get a total of 250% Distance Attack boost with Mademoiselle Maupin, Thomas Blood, D'Artagnan and Kitty.


See in table below a breakdown of the above discussed ways to get Distance Attack bonus.

Category Percentage Remark
Gear 120%
Gemstones 468%
Airship Parts 240%
Coat of Arms 140%
Curiosities 160%
Glory Levels 118.72% Based on extrapolation of data
Research 124.5%
Lord Talent Points 25%
Airship Abilities 142% Based on enhancement to lvl 5
Guards 250%
Total 1788.22%


There are some very specific boosts, such as the boosts you can select inside the Magic Spire, or the boosts you can get when plundering full or defending empty alliance buildings in the ultimate alliance conquest that are not included in this overview, but that can cause higher Troop Boosts to show in in battle reports.


This should give an idea how some players (big spenders) get these 1000+% Distance Attack boost, while you are stuck between 200% and 800%.

Although this Distance Attack boost is great, do not forget to focus on damage and damage reduction/received as well.

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