This article gives an explanation of the different ways to increase your Battlefield Treatment in Guns of Glory.

Guns of Glory How to Increase Battlefield Treatment

12/09/2018 - -

Explanation of all the different ways to increase your Battlefield Treatment. This boost determines how many of your casualties are going to the hospital and how many die.

Scope of this Article

The Battlefield Treatment percentage determines how many of your troops that mortally wounded can still be treated on the battlefield to become wounded troops instead of being lost forever. Having hospitals full of troops ia annoying, but losing troops completely even more, so this is a very important stat.

We will have a look at each category in which you can get Battlefield Treatment boosts and explain how you can acquire these.


In the Development category there are two Battlefield Treatment projects that give a total of 15% Battlefield Treatment.

Talent Points

Lord Talent points in War allows you to increase your Battlefield Treatment with 5% via one project quite far in the tree.

In addition the War tree contains the Life Preserver talent with gives you a 30% Battlefield Treatment Increase (for 30 minutes, 24 hour cooldown).

Airship Abilities

The Survivor Seeker Airship Ability allows you to increase your Battlefield Treatment. At level 21 this provides a total of 10.5% Battlefield Treatment (higher level gives Troop Health boost).

By enhancing this can be further increased, if enhanced to 5 stars, the Battlefield Treatment will be increased with 42%, giving a 14.91% Battlefield Treatment boost.

Note that when you have 8 Airhsip Ability slots unlocked, you can have this one in your normal attack configuration together with March of Fury, Distance Devastation II and II, Cavalry Cannons I and III and Infantry Cover I and II.


Unenhanced Duelist Ring and Boots give a total of 12%. This can be further increased by enhancing to 18%. As a primary battle set you should be able to do much better than Duelist, but there is a situation in which these two pieces are still useful. If you are in a Mega Garrison or Rally (not the leader) your combat stats are taken from the leader, but your battlefield treatment is your own, so if you put on these two pieces when in a Mega Garrison or Rally, you can save additonal troops from being killed.


The Assault Cannon wonder gives a Battlefield Treatment of 2%.


See in table below a breakdown of the above discussed ways to get Battlefield Treatment boosts.

Category Battlefield Treatment Remark
Research 15%
Lord Talent Points 5%
Life Preserver Talent 30% For 30 minutes
Airship Abilities 14.91% This value is based on Survivor Seeker lvl 21+ enhanced to 5 stars, higher enhancement possible
Gear I left the 18% from the Duelist Boots and Ring out of this summation, since it is only useful in a specific situation.
Wonders I left the 2% from the Assault Cannon out of this summation, since only one player in the State can have it.
Total 64.91%


I hope this helps in working towards a high Battlefield Treatment boost, very important when attacking players. In addition it should give you an explanation how some players turn more than 60% of their casualties into wounded. Note that almost half of the total boost comes from the Life Preserver talent, so very important to use that one.

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