This guide explains the Shooting Gallery feature in Guns of Glory, what are the basics and tips on how to make the most use of it.

Guns of Glory Shooting Gallery

07/14/2018 - -

Detailed explanation of the Shooting Gallery feature, including tactics on how to make best use of it, for example get 140 basic materials with 2 coins.

How it Works

In the Inn Building there is a menu item for the Shooting Gallery. When you click this you get a field where you can Fire at targets to get prizes. To be able to Fire, you need Gallery coins. There are nine targets and each Fire in the same field requires and increasing amount of Gallery Coins.

Need to Purchase to Unlock

If you have not purchased any pack yet, this Shooting Gallery game will be locked. It is on the one hand unfortunate that Guns of Glory is not completely free to play, on the other hand even if you purchase just a very small pack the Shooting Gallery game will be unlocked.

How to get Gallery Coins?

You can get two Gallery coins daily by reaching the 4th and 6th point milestones in the Daily Rewards. Alternatively there are certain packs available that contain Gallery coins as well.

Different Fields

There are different type of fields. You can give up on one field to switch to the next. The more you make shots in the same field, the better the prizes get, so you might consider first selecting the field you want and trying to get good prizes in it.

The type of fields are Airship, Equipment and Gemstones. Each of these have some variations, so Refresh a couple of times to see what is out there, before you make your selection.

Order of Prizes

Not sure whether there is any randomness in the order you get the prizes, but if it is, it plays only a minor role. You will need a lot of Gallery Coins to get the really good prizes.

Update: In order the requirements are : 1, 2, 3, 6, 10, 19, 34, 61, 110, so you need a total of 246 Gallery Coins to clear a field.


There are different possible tactics. You can go for the ultimate reward in a field. This will cost a lot of coins, which means a lot of time if you don't purchase the coins. Drawback is that things might change along the way, what is now only possible to get as a final reward in the shooting gallery can become available in an easier manner in the future, or even given away. From this point of view, even if you have selected the right Shooting Gallery field, you might still wait actually spending your coins to open targets until you have sufficient to open all targets.

As an alternative approach you could consider finding a field where the first prizes are already interesting for you and for example opt to open only 1 (or 2 or 3) targets each time before switching to another field. For example opening one target in an equipment field could give you basic materials. At this stage I think this is the only field worth going for, as with the Airship (creating stuff) and Gemstones (lower level Intensity Gear) you are too likley to receive stuff you are not really interested in.


This is a nice, although time consuming, free way to get some otherwise difficult (or impossible) to acquire items, or a way to get some extra basic materials. The fact that you have to purchase one package (no matter how cheap) is a small price to pay.

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