Name Boosts
Air Gem 30.0% Distance Attack
Air Jewel 30.0% Distance Health
Air Stone 45.0% Distance Defense
Champion Gem 15.0% Troop Attack
Champion Jewel 15.0% Troop Health
Champion Stone 15.0% Troop Defense
Heroism Stone 29.25% Troop Health
29.25% Troop Attack
29.25% Troop Defense
Hope Gem 45.0% Distance Attack
45.0% Cavalry Attack
45.0% Infantry Attack
Hope Jewel 45.0% Distance Health
45.0% Cavalry Health
45.0% Infantry Health
Hope Stone 45.0% Distance Defense
45.0% Cavalry Defense
45.0% Infantry Defense
Justice Gem 58.5% Cavalry Attack
58.5% Distance Attack
58.5% Infantry Attack
Justice Jewel 58.5% Cavalry Health
58.5% Distance Health
58.5% Infantry Health
Justice Stone 58.5% Cavalry Defense
58.5% Distance Defense
58.5% Infantry Defense
Scholar Food Stone +300,000 Research Food Requirement Decrease (Absolute)
2.0% Research Food Requirement Decrease (Percentage)
Scholar Iron Gem +90,000 Research Iron Requirement Decrease (Absolute)
3.0% Research Iron Requirement Decrease (Percentage)
Scholar Silver Stone +45,000 Research Silver Requirement Decrease (Absolute)
6.0% Research Silver Requirement Decrease (Percentage)
Scholar Wood Jewel +600,000 Research Wood Requirement Decrease (Absolute)
2.0% Research Wood Requirement Decrease (Percentage)
Sentinel Gem 45.0% Infantry Attack
Sentinel Jewel 30.0% Infantry Health
Sentinel Stone 30.0% Infantry Defense
Stallion Gem 30.0% Cavalry Attack
Stallion Jewel 30.0% Cavalry Health
Stallion Stone 45.0% Cavalry Defense
Victory Stone 22.5% Troop Attack
22.5% Troop Health
22.5% Troop Defense

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