Draconic Stones and Skills were introduced in King of Avalon v10.8.0. This guide offers a basic explanation of the new feature.

King of Avalon Draconic Stones

04/21/2021 - -

Explanation of Draconic Stones, Draconic Skills and how to get the Silver Dragon Scales.

The Basics

Up to 6 Dragon Stones can be equipped via the Dragon Altar. These Dragon Stones give direct combat benefits, and also provide mana that unlocks Combat, Economy and Development skills.

Draconic Stones

Draconic Stones come in two quality levels (I and II). A random Draconic Stone I can be aquired by making a Silver Dragon Scale offering at the Dragon Altar, a random Draconic Stone II by making a Primal Dragon Scale offering.

There are 7 different type of Draconic Stone I and 8 different type of Draconic Stone II, but even if you get the same, the exact boosts can still differ. The different Draconic Stones each have their own range of boosts and for some you will only get 6 out of the possible 9 boosts, and for others you get all 9. Also the mana that the Draconic Stones provide is specified by the type.

By going to the new Draconic menu in the Dragon Altar you can embed any available Draconic Stone in an open slot.

The combined Draconic Stones provide you with an amount of each of the three mana types, which is required to unlock Draconic Skills.

There are 3 different preset slots you can use for Draconic Stones. Might be that these are also useful to swicth between different combat skills, but I would expect it will also be useful to have different configurations of Draconic Stones that will unlock different Draconic Skills.

Draconic Skills

In the Dragon Altar is also a new Draconic Skills overview. Here you can see all the available Draconic Skills and their mana requirements. Some of these Draconic Skills have different levels, higher levels require more mana. The mana you have is determined by the Draconic Stones you have equipped.

Some of these Draconic Skills are passive (as in they do not need to be activated, but just provide a permanent extra boost, e.g. Instant Construction Speedup increase), others are active skills and will appear as available in the same skills menu button as your Lord Talent Skills.

There are Combat, Economy and Development Skills, and these can be used in the same way as Lord Talent Skills.

Dragon Scales

The big issue is how to get the Dragon Scales to do the Offering to get Draconic Stones. The Silver Dragon Scale still seems relatively easy to get. You can purchase 10 a day from the Spire Loot, and the Royal Arena and Honor Pass just after this feature was introduced also contained Silver Dragon Scales.

The Primal Dragon Scales are likely spenders only for the time being. It does say purchasing bundles and events as possible ways to get it, but I have serious doubt whether there will be events anytime soon where non to low spenders can acquire these.

My Thoughts

At this stage I don't see a way for non spenders to get the lvl II Dragon Stones, which means this is yet another featured aimed at pay to win players. Not impressed.

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