This article contains tips on how to best assign talent points to the available talent trees in King of Avalon, considering what type of player you are and how far you are in development of your account.

King of Avalon How Tips on Lord Talent Points

03/25/2022 - -

Tips on Lord Talent Points including explanation of key benefits from the talent trees, talent point resets, VIP 12 and lord talent exp.


This is a challenge, there are three different trees which all have aspects for one or more different parts of the game. With VIP 12 (which takes long to get) you can have 2 presets, but that is not even enough.

First the trees explained

War: As it name says, this one is for War. Because of the wounded conversion and especially life preserver talent it is crucial you have this active during an event where you can have real losses (like KvK). The extra march capacity and colossal march talent are also nice and help with all combat events. Attack/defense/health mostly devaluated.

Economy: This one is great when your focus is mostly on doing construction and research non stop and the speed of those activities matters a lot. The resource gathering and production also helps, if that is an issue. There are some nice talents for development as well like Instant Gather to instantly complete all tiles you are gathering on and Development which grants a 20% speed increase for construction and research.

Balance: Balance has various unrelated benefits. It is great for training and healing troops with the training and healing speed projects and Population Surge talent to reduce training and healing resource cost, and instant heal to instantly heal 10% of the troops in your hospital (not alliance hospital). The two Stamina Recovery projects also make sure you can hit more monsters/barbs daily, and monster stamina talent reduces the cost of hitting monsters temporarily.

What tree(s) to Focus On

Early on you will mostly focus on Economy. Reset to War if you do serious battle (e.g. participate in kvk to limit losses with extra wounded conversion and life preserver), otherwise stick to Economy because resetting gets boring and expensive.

Once you do get VIP 12 there is still the choice to make what to use the two presets for.

Clearly at least one should be mostly War focused, it is after all a war game. Even for this preset there is some discussion possible. I have until recently used a preset which maxed all projects in War except Siege, but that leaves very little points for Balance. If you do solo war or are a mega leader that is the way to go, but if you are a filler, you could argue that the attack/defense/health projects are useless, and you might take a single path to Live Preserver and use remaining points to get to Hospital Capacity II in Balance. This is what I do now. After having unlocked Life Preserver and Hospital Capacity II there is still 82 points left. I used these to select the projects that give the most useful boosts in War that I hadn’t maxed yet on the path to Life Preserver, such as Cavalry Attack, Infantry Defense and the Troop Attack/Defense/Health ones.

The other one you can chose between a Economy and Balance focus. Especially once you have reached a later stage in the game and you are not doing construction and research 24/7 I suggest going for Balance. Balance is my default tree (my kingdom is relatively peaceful and the extra defensive combat benefits from equipping a War tree are very low) I have maxed it until Stamina Recovery and maxed all healing and training projects along the way. I like the Stamina Recovery for doing extra barbs and monsters, this is useful in itself, but also helps with various events. The only thing in the tree that I skip as much as I can is the trap related stuff. This still left 109 remaining points which I used in the Economy tree just a little bit past Research II.

Talent Point Reset

Talent point reset items are available in three different locations : Alliance store (but too expensive if not discounted because there is so much other good stuff), Spire Loot (also expensive), Gold (ok if you have enough).

Neither of these is very attractive pricewise and combined with the cumbersome task of reassigning all points, it is annoying process.

VIP 12 for Talent Switch

VIP 12 is a long road. I have quite early on made the choice to focus my Spire Loot Credits on purchasing the 100 VIP Points items and have not regretted it. I so much dislike resetting trees and still find it useful to switch so that I had all my farm accounts to VIP 12 as well.

Lord EXP

Lord EXP points you can get in many different ways, but an important one is the Golem. Make sure to get Lord 65 fast, which provides you with 372 talent points.

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