The Dragon can provide many boosts via the Dragon Skills. In this guide we will explain how to develop your dragon and how to benefit from a strong dragon.

King of Avalon Dragon Guide

01/10/2017 - -

Explanation of the Dragon in King of Avalon, including Dragon Skills, how to Assign, Upgrade and Enhance them, how to level up your Dragon.

King of Avalon Dragon System Update 3.9

12/21/2017 - -

Explanation of the changes in the Dragon System for update 3.9. Most focus on the Dragon Character changes, in addition to the Max Dragon Level, Advanced Dragon Skill level increase, PVP skills second buff.

The Basics

As you play you earn EXP for your Dragon, and as your Dragon increases in level more Dragon Skills will be made available and more Slots to which you can assign Dragon Skills will be unlocked. By assigning Dragon Skills to the Slots you will get boosts for certain activities. Upgrading and Enhancing Dragon Skills make them stronger.

There are four categories, Attack, Defense, Gathering and Monster, for which you can Assign Dragon Skills. Dragon Skills Assigned to a certain category will only benefit when your Dragon is used for that activity.

Assigning Dragon Skills

If you want to assign a Dragon Skill to one of the available Slots, go to the Dragon Lair Building (in between the Stronghold and the Event Center). Select the Dragon Lair and select Dragon Skills. Click on the Assign Skills button. Now you are in the Assign Skills window. Here you can select one of the four Categories via the tabs at the top, next you select a skill, and it will be assigned to one of the open Slots. If you want to remove an assigned Dragon Skill, select it from the Assigned Slots and click Remove.

Note that some of the Dragon Skills can be assigned to more than one category. E.g. Beast of Burden (increasing the resources your troops can carry), can be used both for the Attack and Gathering category.

For the locked slots the number on the slot indicated the Dragon Level you should achieve before it is unlocked.

Leveling Up Your Dragon

Leveling up your dragon is very important because it unlocks new Dragon Skills, it opens up new Dragon Skill Slots, and it increases the maximum level a dragon skill can be upgraded to.

You get Dragon EXP via most normal playing activities, but in case this is not going fast enough, there are various ways to buy Dragon EXP with in game credits.

Two good ways are the Spire Loot store, where you can purchase 80 x 20,000 Dragon EXP items a day for 3700 Crystals per item, and holding a Ceremony in the Spirit Altar for example for 54,000 credits giving you 110 x 100,000 Dragon EXP.

Your Dragon can be upgraded until level 70, which takes a total of 961 million Dragon EXP.

Upgrading Dragon Skills

Dragon Skills can be Enhanced and Upgraded, both improving the effect of the Dragon Skill. In this section we explain how to Upgrade a Dragon Skill. If you go to the Dragon Skills menu in the Dragon Lair, you see an overview of all your Dragon Skills separated in two categories, Assault and Guardian. The general idea is that the Assault Dragon Skills are more directly related to battle, but sometimes the distinction is not so clear, e.g. Dragonskin is an Assault Skill that increases the Defense of Infantry against Bosses and Monsters, while Infantry Backbone II is a Guardian skill that increases the Defense of your Infantry against Cavalry.

When you select one of the Dragon Skills you will open a detail window showing information about the current rank and what is required to upgrade. The requirements are a Dragon Level and either Guardian or Assault points (based on the type of Dragon Skills). The required points increase for each Dragon Skill Level, while upgrading your Dragon Lair gives a reduction in the points cost. The rewards for the upgrade are an increase in power and an improvement in the boost. If you meet the requirements you can upgrade the Dragon Skill by clicking the Upgrade button in the detail window.

If you are no longer using a Dragon Skill you have used you can use the Reset Skill button to reset it and get the Assault or Guardian points back, but this costs a Dragon Skill Reset item. Items to reset one or all dragon skills can be acquired in the Alliance Store.

Assault and Guardian Points are relatively easy to come by, you get them with your standard activities like gathering resources (Guardian Points) and Attacking Monsters (Assault Points).

Assault and Guardian points can be purchased in game, some good ways are the Spire Loot, Spirit Altar and Merlin Trials shops.

In the Related link below you can find a complete list of the stats for all Dragon Skills.

Dragon Skills can be upgraded until level 31. Note that the increase in boost is not always the same, for example the Damage boosts have an extra large increase from level 5 to 6, 10, to 11, 15 to 16 and 20 to 21. Also note that the Dragon Skills giving damage boosts give a different type of boost from level 22 onwards (the boosts that was incremented until lvl 21 will no longer be increased).

Enhancing Dragon Skills

Dragon Skills can be Enhanced and Upgraded, both improving the effect of the Dragon Skill. In this section we explain how to Enhance a Dragon Skill.

If you go to the Dragon Lair you can select the Enhance Skills menu, which will lead you to the Enhance Skills window. You can switch between Assault and Guardian skills by clicking on the corresponding Tab. You can select any of the Skills and click on the Enhance button to Enhance the Skill to the next level.

To Enhance Dragon Skills you need Intensity Crystals, and unlike the Assault and Guardian points you need for upgrading Dragon Skills, the Intensity Crystals are harder to come by, especially lvl 3 and higher. Intensity Crystal (IV) shows up quite regularly as an option in Market Place for either wood or gold. The Dragon Merlin trials are a good source for higher level Intensity Crystals as well.

You need 10 Intensity Crystals for each star (you need 10 x Intensity Crystal (I) to Enhance a Dragon Skill to 1 star, 10 x Intensity Crystal (II) to Enhance a Dragon Skill to 2 stars, and it keeps going like that). You can Synthesize 8 Intensity Crystals to one of one level higher in your Items.

Enhancing seems a lot more expensive than upgrading, and if you haven't upgraded your Dragon Skills to a high level yet the benefit is somewhat disappointing. However once you have upgraded to a high level the for example 42% extra inccrease you get from a 5 Star Enhanced Dragon Skill will really start to be a huge benefit in itself.

If you are no longer using a Dragon Skill you have used you can use the Reset button to reset it and get the Intensity Crystals back, but this costs an Dragon Skill Enhancement Reset item.

I am not sure how high you can theoretically enhance your dragon skills, but the added benefit of another level of enhancement tends to be quite small compared to the extra cost. Most big players I encounter do not have higher enhancement than 6 Star, potentially increased with +1 by a Relic.

Selection of Dragon Skills

A typical used setup for both Defense and Attack if 8 slots are available is March of Fury, Flaming Arrows II and III, Cavalry Claw I and III, Infantry Backbone I and II and Dragon Blessing.

Players tend to leave out the Dragon Skills that do extra damage or offer extra defense against Siege, as players typically don't use a lot of siege attacking and defending. Similar for Dragon Skills with extra attack or defense against traps.

For defending your own city Dragon Blessing (Wounded Conversion) and March of Fury are not necessary. If you have higher level Dragon Skills you could still consider using the Flaming Arrows I, Cavalry Claw II and Infantry Backbone III for the level 22+ boosts they give, which also holds for Dragon Blessing.

For defending during e.g. KvK it is still useful to have March of Fury and Dragon Blessing as your defensive Dragon Skills as well.

If you use this setup and max all Dragon Skills to lvl 31 and enhance them to 6 stars you will get the boosts as in table below:

Dragon Skills Boosts Value
March of Fury March Capacity 47,275
Cavalry Claw I Cavalry Attack Against Infantry
Cavalry Attack
Cavalry Claw III Cavalry Attack Against Bowmen
Cavalry Damage
Flaming Arrows II Bowmen Attack Against Infantry
Bowmen Attack
Flaming Arrows III Bowmen Attack Against Infantry
Bowmen Damage
Dragon Blessing Wounded Conversion
Troop Health
Infantry Backbone I Infantry Defense Against Bowmen
Infantry Health
Infantry Backbone II Infantry Defense Against Cavalry
Infantry Defense

Using your Dragon

The boosts will only apply if you use your Dragon for the activity. So if you have equipped skills to improve your gathering speed, these only benefit the march the Dragon joins. If your base is attacked and your dragon is out on a march, your base will not benefit from the Dragon defense boosts.

Dragon Character

When you click on the Dragon Skills in the Dragon Lair you can see information about your Dragon and Dragon Skills, including the Character of your Dragon. When your Dragon is at home you can change its Character, either focusing more on Gathering, more on Attack, or leaving it balanced which will help you get more Assault and Guardian points.

The amount of the boost you can get from switching your Dragon Character depends on the EXP level of your Dragon.

Resetting your Dragon for Specific Tasks

There are items available in the Alliance Store for resetting one Dragon Skill (Dragon Skill Reset) and resetting all Dragon Skills (Dragon Skills Reset). These are quite cheap and can make it attractive to reset your Dragon Skills for specific activities. Common change could be to switch from having your assault points from helping you with combat against players to having your assault points help you attack monsters and other engine opposition, for example for the Kingdom Threat. Once you have a large amount of assault points the benefit you can get from resetting your Dragon Skills can be quite large. There are also items to reset your enhancements (not sure how to acquire these).

Resetting your Dragon Skills upgrade and enhancement level can be beneficial if you for example want to switch between a focus on player vs player battle and player vs monster, for example for the Kingdom Threat event.

Advanced Dragon Skills

At Dragon EXP levels 55, 56, 57 and 60 you can unlock Advanced Dragon Skills, which also require 500 fragments each to unlock. One way to get these fragments is as a reward from player vs player encounters in the Forbidden Labyrinth. Here you can also acquire th Dragon Pendants that are necessary to upgrade these Advanced Dragon Skills.

I am still quite far from unlocking these, so I have no additional information. If anyone happens to know more about them, any information is welcome.

Reduced Assault and Guardian Point Cost

By each level you increase your Dragon Lair you will get a reduction in the Assault and Guardian points required to upgrade Dragon Skills. You can get a further reduction from the Hero Elyan the White. At 2 Stars this hero provides a 6% Guardian points reduction and at 5 Stars a 12% Assault points reduction.


Later on in the game Emblems were introduced, which can be attached to the Dragon Skill slots and give extra combat boosts. See below in the related links a link to a guide describing the Emblems.


The Dragon is a nice concept in King of Avalon. Initially it might be somewhat misunderstood or undervalued because of the unfamiliar boosts (e.g. Bowmen Damage Against Cavalry), but these boosts are powerful and can be increased to quite high values.

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