King of Avalon offers a large amount of heroes. If you consider what is best for combat, regularly new heroes are introduced and each time they give you an important advantage in battle, but that does not mean all older heroes are obsolete. Find below for each council role the older heroes I still use and an explanation how you can use the Hero Soul Shop to get something in return for Heroes you no longer use.

King of Avalon Useful Old Heroes and Hero Soul Shop

12/28/2021 - -

Explanation of which old (non-combat) heroes I still use and how to use the Hero Soul Shop.

Master Herald

Sir Gaheris is my default assigned hero, it gives an extra Lord Stamina Recovery of 11%. That might not seem like much, but I have a total stamina recovery of only 87%, so that extra 11% or not is still significant. Having this as your default hero allows you to do extra barb rallies or hitting monsters and is especially useful during events where stamina is used (e.g. Dragon Priest, Raid Monster Stage).

This council role is also a great way to get Construction, Research, Training and Healing Speed boosts. A 6 star/lvl 60 Evaine the Bestower is probably best for all, but it is difficult to get her to 6 stars. I still use alternatives.

Hellawes (5 stars, lvl 50) provides 27.5% Research Speed, 27.5% Construction Speed and 66% Troop Training Speed. This is my go-to hero for those activities.

Morgause (5 stars, lvl 50) provides 50% Healing Speed, better than Hellawes' 44%, so she is my choice for healing. Remember that this also helps during UAC, so be sure to assign this hero (and the right gear) to heal, this saves you quite some time (or gold).

There are no combat heroes for this council role.

High Steward

The recently added Cillian is a big help upgrading to Stronghold 45 as it provides a significant reduction in the Noble Badge Requirement. In my eyes the absolute amount of construction resource reduction you get for skills 2, 3, and 5 of this hero are insignificant compared to the noble badge reduction, so I haven't even unlocked those skills and instead focussed all my hero fragments on unlocking skills 1, 4 and 6 and upgrading the star level. Remember to assign this hero before starting any stronghold or troop training building upgrade from lvl 41 or higher.

Aurelius Pendragon and Iseult the Fair give a nice construction and research resource reduction. Not the most interesting ones, the reduction is an absolute amount, and if you have sufficient farm accounts you should never run out of resources, but it is still nice. If you have Aurelius Pendragon maxed, it is an improvement over Iseult the Fair in all aspects, but that is not easy. I have Aurelius at 4 stars and the construction resource reduction from Iseult is still better. Because of that I have decided to focus only on research for Aurelius (not even unlocking skill 4 and 5) and I still use Iseult when doing construction.

I have kept a few Defense tree research projects unresearched, because there are a couple of great uses for doing research. Starting a research project gives you points for your dailies (useful if you want to focus all stamina on barbs and/or have large training batches running). Research projects are also a great way to ask for helps. I am not doing that on a daily basis for alliance store credits (too much work), but do use it so now and then, for example when helping someone with a Kingdom Tourney quest. Aurelius is a great hero for that as starting and stopping for example 15 times the same research project will cost you near nothing.

There are no combat heroes for this council role.

Master of Strategy

Sir Gawain is an old but still great hero for Combat. It provides you with a nice March Capacity and Rally Capacity increase. Even the strongest players still use this one. When setting a rally or starting a solo attack they have Gawain active, and only once the rally is full or solo attack is marching will they switch to the superior combat hero for this position. I use Sir Gawain a lot during combat situations, whenever I have the time to switch heroes. I also use this hero when taking resources from my farm accounts, being able to send more troops makes the transfer of resources go faster.

Lady Isobel provides a nice Training Capacity boost (360). If you don't have her, you can still get 300 from Sir Gawain as well. Training Capacity is not as nice as Training Speed, but still very useful because you save real time on your training sessions (less batches to train) and being able to train bigger batches also allows you to for example benefit (slightly) more from the 300% boost.

Maleagant provides a Hospital Capacity increase. When I am in a mega rally or garrison, I switch to this hero if I fear I might have more wounded than my hospital capacity. This hero (together with wearing the Stone of Providence) can make a difference whether troops die or are wounded.

Madoc is currently the best combat hero.

High Constable

I often use Sir Gareth, mostly for the Iron and Silver Gathering Speed. The extra production also offers a nice benefit, for example when doing Instant Yield.

You could consider using Sir Pelleas and Prince Clauding for Food and Wood Gathering Speed, as these are boosts that Sir Gareth does not provide. Sir Pelleas also gives a higher Iron Gathering Speed than Sir Gareth. If you are in a zero upkeep alliance and focussed on gathering food, go for Sir Pelleas, it will be faster.

Catigern is currently the best combat hero.

Keeper of the Seal

Elyan the white I still use often for the 25% Resource Gathering Speed and Resource Production. The Dragon Skill EXP cost and Troop Upkeep are no longer relevant for me.

Sir Dinadan provides a nice Troop Load boost (useful when I empty my farm accounts) and Trading Capacity boost (useful in those rare situations I want to transfer resources away from my main).

Kiarra is currently the best combat hero.

Master Enforcer, Master of War, Master of Arms

There are only combat heroes for these roles. Currently the best are Guinever for Master Enforcer, Mordred for Master of War and King Lot for Master of Arms.

Getting Hero Fragments

Most hero fragments you will get from summoning. The silver horns you get plenty with barbs and monsters, these gives all green and blue and some purple heroes (including Sir Gawain, Sit Gareth). The gold horns are a bit more difficult to get, but also drop from barbs and you get some from the daily quests. From the gold summoning you get all other purple and a lot of the yellow ones (just not the most recent).

You can use the Goods Exchange to request specific green, blue or purple hero fragments from heroes you are working on.

From the Spirit Store you can purchase most of the purple and all blue hero fragments.

Hero Soul Shop

You will get a lot of hero fragments from summoning that you don't need. Either because you have already maxed the hero, or you are just not interested in the hero. From the Heroes menu there is a Dismantle Fragments button, which provides an overview of all your hero fragments and allows you to dismantle them for Hero Soul Shop credits.

For me the Hero Soul Shop was most useful in providing me with some Large Hero EXP items so I could upgrade my heroes faster. I also purchased some hero fragments there a long time ago, when there were still hero fragments that were relevant for me. At this moment the newest heroes in the Soul Shop (Gorlois and Lancelot) I have already maxed and I am replacing by Guinevere and Mordred.

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