Hero Troop Type Acquisition
Barbarian Cavalry Paid
Berserker Infantry Paid
Black Crow Ranged Free
Bombin' Goblin Ranged Free
Boommeister Ranged Event
Chaos Dragon Cavalry Event
Child of Light Cavalry Free
Cursed Hunter Infantry Paid
Dark Follower Siege Engine Paid
Dark Magister Ranged Paid
Death Archer Ranged Free
Death Knight Cavalry Free
Demon Slayer Infantry Free
Don Guapo Cavalry Paid
Dream Witch Ranged Paid
Elementalist Siege Engine Free
Ethereal Guide Ranged Paid
Femme Fatale Infantry Paid
Grim Wolf Infantry Paid
Grove Guardian Ranged Paid
Incinerator Siege Engine Free
Light Weaver Infantry Paid
Lore Weaver Cavalry Paid
Magmaroid Infantry Paid
Mastercook Ranged Paid
Night Raven Cavalry Free
Oath Keeper Infantry Free
Petite Devil Ranged Paid
Prima Donna Siege Engine Free
Prince of Thieves Infantry Paid
Rose Knight Cavalry Free
Sage of Storms Cavalry Free
Scarlet Bolt Infantry Free
Sea Squire Infantry Free
Shade Infantry Free
Shape Shifter Cavalry Paid
Snail Princess Ranged Paid
Snow Queen Ranged Free
Songstress of the Sea Ranged Paid
Soul Forger Infantry Free
Steambot Cavalry Paid
Storm Fox Cavalry Paid
The Big Guy Infantry Paid
Tracker Ranged Free
Trickster Ranged Free
Twilight Priestess Infantry Paid
Vengeful Centaur Cavalry Paid
Watcher Infantry Event
Witch Doll Cavalry Paid

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