All information relating to the Daily Mission Type in Mobile Strike, namely the materials and mods you can expect to find.
Name Daily
Materials Striker materials: Black Acrylic, Gunmetal Ingot, Standard Buckle, Steel Rivets, Thick Dark Red Nylon
T-Fox materials: Ammo Feeder, Carbon Steel, Ceramic Inserts, Circular Gradient Plastic, Combat Wool
Snow Leopard materials: Brushed Blue Metal, Infrared Sensor, Precision Trigger, Silver Fox Fur, White Leather, Winter Camo Patch
Blizzard-01 materials: Black Sheet Plastic, Blue Water Resistant Fabric, Hard Plastic Trigger, New Years Fuse, Steel Wires
SCR00G3 materials: Arctic Trigger Guard, Green Tiger Camo Patch, Remote Detonator, Stainless Steel, Thermal Blanket, White Felt
Snow Stalker materials: Black Satin, Micro Lens, Microchip, Microfiber Wire, Shoe Pads, Steel Hinge
Avalanche materials: Arctic Camo Patch, Carbonite, Elastic Strap, Flare, Fuse, Rubber Sole
Gun Runner materials: Fiberglass Plate, Nighttime Camo, Radar Absorbing Foam, Snap Hook
T-Vulture materials: 9-Volt Battery, Brass Rivets, Damascus Steel, Leather String, Walnut Board, Wrench
Hunter materials: Dyed Leather, Foam Padding, Steel Buckle, Steel Nut, Twine, Utility Strap
Jack-o'-Ripper materials: Candy Corn, Rock Salt Round, Silver, Spider Silk, Sulfur, Torn Cloth
Cupid's Arrow materials: Black Adjustable Strap, Brushed Red Metal, Heart Decal, Red Felt, Red Plutonium
Judgment materials: Chainsaw Grip, Silver Brushed Metal, Warworn Leather
GR-Falcon materials: Bumble Bee Camo, Composite Carbon Fiber, Moss Mulch, Steel Hooks, Sturdy Leather
Shamrock materials: Gold Plating, Golden Glass, Green Silicon Compound, Shamrock Camo
Rocketeer materials: Embossed Grip Plastic, Gold Alloy, Polished Black Metal, RPG Rocket
Snake Biter materials: Battle Belt, Pliable Rubber Sheet, Vented Barrel Grip
Tax Collector materials: Loophole, Quicklock Buckle, Shatterproof Lens
Headhunter materials: Kevlar Blade, Kevlar Inserts, Red Adder Camo, Red Night Vision Scope
Mayday materials: Blue Fabric Dye, Firing Pin, Harness Straps, Rubber Tubing
Stealth Bomber materials: Detonation Wire, Orange Hard Plastic, Orange Microfiber, Silver Metal Tubing
Skull Grenade materials: Batick Leather, Driving Spring, MPI Bolt, Vinyl Nitrile Foam, White Paint Stick
Traveler's Check materials: Black Leather, Muzzle Brakes
Economic Materials: Army Camo Cloth, CPU, Dumbbell, Fuel Cell, Harddrive, Ignitor, Iron, Multi Tool, Screwdriver, Sergeant's Badge
Standard Materials: Aluminum, Ammo Belt, Carbon Fiber, Ceramic, Flash Suppressor, Glass, Gunpowder, Kevlar, Lead, Leather, Nitroglycerin, Nylon Fiber, Phosphate, Plastic, Polyester, Propellant, Rope, Rubber, Schematics, Silicon, Steel, Titanium, Velcro Strap, Wood
Mods Armored Mod, Artillery Mod, Defense Mod, Fortification Mod, Health Mod, Infantry Mod, Tactical Mod

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