Special Items

Special Items
Massacre Mask Profile Avatar Serpent's Head Profile Avatar 24-Hour Gather Boost 7-Day Gather Boost
15 Minute +10% Research Speed Boost 24-Hour Coin Boost 7-Day Coin Boost 24-Hour Food Boost
7-Day Food Boost 24-Hour Iron Boost 7-Day Iron Boost 24-Hour Oil Boost
7-Day Oil Boost 24-Hour Stone Boost 7-Day Stone Boost 24 Hour Small Upkeep Reduction
5 Day Small Upkeep Reduction 24 Hour Large Upkeep Reduction 5 Day Large Upkeep Reduction 100% Upkeep Reduction for 1 Hour
25% Commander XP Bonus Alliance Chance Daily Chance VIP Chance
50,000 Commander XP 200,000 Commander XP 1,000,000 Commander XP 5,000,000 Commander XP
25,000,000 Commander XP Expert Mod Saver Mod Saver Simple Mod Saver
Expert Special Mod Saver Medium Special Mod Saver Simple Special Mod Saver 1,000 Building Boost Modifiers
12-Hour Cyanide Pill 12 Hour Set Bonus Activation Boost 24-Hour Cyanide Pill 24 Hour Set Bonus Activation Boost
Attachment Swap Base Rename Bonus Rescues Bookmarks
Building Move Captured Commander Rename Change Personnel File Image Change Player Name
Commander Name Commander Select Commander Skill Reset Core Swap
Crane Equip Commander Preset Excavator Instant Elimination
Legendary Hammer Legendary Resource Hammer Medical Kit Ransom Note
Rebel Targets Skill Reset Rename Alliance Reset Commander Preset Support Kit
Update Commander Preset War Commission Wrecking Ball 30 Day 2nd Building Queue
Tool Kit 24 Hour Elimination Speed Up 25 Deployment Banners Advanced Combat Restricted File
Advanced Golden Badges Advanced Wall Traps Restricted File Arsenal BLUEPRINT Ascendant War Commendations
Assault Vehicle Hangar BLUEPRINT Assembly Bots Atomic Clocks Augments Restricted File
Battle Tactics Restricted File Biotech Lab BLUEPRINT Black Market BLUEPRINT Building Development Restricted File
Burner Kit Cement Pillar Centrifuge Chemical Silo
Combat Lab BLUEPRINT Commander Restricted File Commendations Covert Assignments
Covert Classified Assignments Covert Ops Center BLUEPRINT Covert Secret Assignments Disassembly Kit
Esteemed Medals Exalted War Commendations Fabrication Bot Fusion Cells
Future Soldier File Glorious Commendations Glorious War Commendations Golden Badges
Golden Bullet Golden Cuffs Golden Jackhammer Golden Stopwatches
Gravedigger's Coin Graveyard BLUEPRINT Graveyard Points Hangar Upgrade Checklist
Headquarters 23 BLUEPRINT Heroic Commendations Heroic Medals Illustrious Commendations
Implant Kit Key Components Key to Black Market Key to Mobile Ops
Key to the Monument Key to the Speed Up Factory Key to Vault Manufacturing Restricted File
Master Hammer Master Key to Black Market Master Key to Mobile Ops Master Key to the Monument
Mercenary Combat Restricted File Mercenary Golden Badges Mobile Ops Restricted File Mod Set Bonus Restricted File
Normal Golden Badges Omega Golden Badges Power Cells Prime War Commendations
Rebel Base Intel Rebel Level 10 Restricted File Rebel Level 8 Restricted File Rebel Level 9 Restricted File
Research File Ruthless War Commendations Service Commendations Set Bonus Restricted File
Spare Parts Speed Up Factory BLUEPRINT Spy Drone Steel Gear
Tactical Manual Thorium Power Cell Tier 8 Golden Badges Triumphant Commendations
Troop Academy BLUEPRINT Ultimate Golden Badges Universal Restricted File Uranium Power Cell
Valor Commendations Welding Bots Rebel Base Infiltration Speed Up Advanced Teleport
Battle Tested Teleport Home State Teleport Random Teleport 100 VIP Points
300 VIP Points 1,000 VIP Points 5,000 VIP Points VIP 1 Day
VIP 7 Days VIP 30 Days

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