World War Rising
How to Play World War Rising on a PC

How Do I Play World War Rising on a PC?

Bluestacks is a platform that allows you to play World War Rising (and other Mobile Platform Games) on a PC. Use this link to Play World War Rising on Bluestacks.

World War Rising
Do Troops Die If I do not Feed Them

Do troops die if I do not feed them?

If you have food available and your troops consume more than you produce (your upkeep is higher than your food production), you will lose food. However if you do not have any food, your troops will not starve, so, besides the inconvenience of planning food for your next research, building upgrade, troop training etc, there is no real issue of having negative upkeep food balance and zero food.

World War Rising
How to Gather T2 Resources

How do I gather T2 Resources?

To be able to gather T2 Resources you need to unlock the corresponding project at the bottom of the Economy Research Tree.

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