As building and research project levels get higher, resource requirements keep growing, not to mention about training troops and traps. For those resource requirement there is an alternative for buying packs, which is to create dedicated Farm Accounts that produce resources for the further development of your main account, and of those main accounts of your alliance buddies.

Important: Before doing anything make sure that in the game in More – MW Account you have linked your main account to an e-mail. This is a good idea anyway, you do not want to lose the account you have invested time and money in just because your device gets corrupted, but essential for being able to set up other accounts on the same device.

Drawback of One Account

You will find that the resource production of your main account is quite limited, even if you max out all your resource buildings, research in Economics and set all your Hero Skill points on the various resource production projects. The most problematic is that the resource production stops as soon as max capacity is reached and at this stage there is no way to increase this max capacity besides building and upgrading the buildings, so the limited space outside your city walls is a big restriction for your resource production. Another is that an important way to increase production is the Hero Skill Points and you won't have enough points to max out all resource production projects, even if you would want to do that. A third factor is that, although there is no huge amount of resource production gear yet, your hero will only be able to wear one equipment set, which means for certain gear slots which have different pieces that could in theory boost different resource production, you can only benefit from one at a time. These points causes that without farm accounts you are dependent on excessive resource gathering, the willingness of your alliance members to donate resources to you (which can be arranged via Hyper Farming), or buying packs.

Hyper Farming

Another way (not mutually exclusive) to tackle the resource problem is Hyper Farming. With Hyper Farming every player in an Alliance sets up his main to produce one specific resource, focusses buildings, research, hero skill points, equipment as much as possible on that resource. Especially because of the limited rural area and the Hero Skill Points restriction 4 different players who use the Hyper Farming approach each for one resource will always produce significantly more resources together than 4 players focusing on an equal mix of the resources. We will handle the details of this approach in a separate article.

Farm Account Concept

Conceptually it is simply building accounts dedicated to the resource you need. Since I typically expect to run short of everything, I tend to build four farm accounts, one for each outside the city wall resource and maxing out on Energy production where possible as well.

Multiple E-mails

Once you have decided how much farm accounts you are going to make, you will need to make e-mail accounts for those to be able to bind all of them.

Setting Up a Farm Account

You need to make sure your Farm Accounts will be created in the same Region as your Main Account, so before starting to create your farm account, make sure you know which Region your main is in. If you don't know, just click on your region map and you will get your coordinates. This includes both the name of your region and the number (next to R:). I am not yet sure if you can switch regions, so far the accounts I made on the same device have ended up in the same region. If you are having accounts in another region, and you are unable to port it over to the region of your main account, do not bother building it further, it is useless.

If you want to create the farm account on your same device, you need to log out of your main via the More – MW Account option (do not forget to link it to an e-mail first!). One you log out the game automatically terminates and you can start a new game.

Once the game starts you click through the tutorial and start building your account.

I will briefly discuss some of the items of our Beginner's Guide and indicate what you should do for each step for your farm accounts.

It might be that the alliance of your main has a dedicated farm alliance in which case it is a good idea to join this. Drawback is that it is likely not going to be very active when it comes to Helps and Gifts, but other alliances will very likely kick you when they find out you are a Farm Account and the more active an alliance is, the faster this will happen. Grouping farm accounts together has as benefit that they will not be unintentionally attacked, although it might lead to some intentional attacks, i.e. players who are not strong enough to hit your mains hitting your farms instead.

Use your your free teleport moves or fuel to bring it close to your main. Discuss with your alliance, but the closer to your main the better. I prefer a setup with my main and four farms in the four adjacent squares, to minimize time to transfer resources. Obviously this will not always be possible in a hive, but the closer the better. Fuel is not so easy to come by on Farm accounts, so try to make sure you get a good position and don't need to move often.

Leveling up your Hero will be very important and you need to grab every opportunity you get. Use the Quick Power guide to get some fast EXP. When Assigning the Hero Skill points I suggest you focus on your chosen resource production as much as possible.

The Hero and Alliance Missions are a good way to get some Hero EXP. Make sure you start and collect them as much as possible. Also make sure you have the Hero Quarters maxed each time as soon as possible.

Before choosing your final building configuration use the quick power tip with 10 of each from our Quick Power Guide to complete some missions and get Hero EXP.

Outside the wall you only build one of each and the rest your dedicated resource. In the rural area inside your city wall, build one Barracks and one MASH, the rest Power Plants.

Until Which Level to Build Farm Accounts

This is a personal choice, at this moment there are no real game specific requirements. Later on when the feature of capturing and executing heroes is introduced this might be a good restriction, but I don't know if/when this happens, and at what Command Center levels it will function.

At a certain moment you will likely just get bored working on your farm accounts and want to focus only on getting the resources from your main.

Gathering Resources

I do not like gathering resources with my farm account because working on farm accounts is already time consuming as it is, and the troops are kind of troublesome if you want to transfer resources by attacking the farms with your main. Still, they are a way of getting extra resources into your farm accounts, and you could choose to transfer resources via trade or put your troops outside before you attack. Added benefit of gathering is that you have a chance of getting some materials, which can help with making equipment to boost resource production.

Getting Resources to Your Main

There are two ways to get the resources from a Farm account to your main, you attack the farm account with your main, or you transfer resources via the Trading Post from your farm to your main.

If you use the Trading Post the accounts need to both be in the same alliance, if it is possible for your farm to temporarily be in the alliance of your main, this is fine, as you will not have to leave your alliance with your main, which could lead to missing important mails, Helps, Gifts etc. Make sure when you do have to leave with your main it is really worth it. With a Trading Post the trade in resources is taxed at a level depending on the level of your Trading Post, decreasing with 0.5% from a starting point of 50%. It can be further decreased via Research in the Economics tree.

If you use attack to transfer resources, your Main and Farm account need to be in different alliance (which they normally are) and your Main (and Farm) cannot have an active Peace Shield. I still have to start transferring resources from my farm to my main, so I am not sure about the "tax" rate when doing a transfer of resources via attack. Don't assume there is no tax, based on my experience with similar games, it could be as high as 50%. I will check by comparing what is taken from my farm account with what is added to my main. Normally you don't see the tax mentioned explicitly in either attack report, but you can calculate it based on the difference.

Both ways have their pros and cons, I tend to start out with attacking as it is less cumbersome and the tax difference is not so much. As the Trading Post level and amount of resources increase I make a switch to transferring resources. If I am allowed to bring my farms into the main alliance on a daily basis, I tend to choose for Trade transfer.


That is it on Farm Accounts, if you have other tips or questions, please share!

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