Information about available Troop Types and Tiers in World War Rising.


Troops are the most important aspect of World War Rising. Having troops allows you to attack other players which is a requirement to ultimately to a more controlling position in your Region. Besides the troop types and tiers, it is also a requirement to take every opportunity to boost the stats of your troops to dominate your Region.

Troops Types

There are 4 troop types available, Infantry, Vehicle, Artillery and Operative. The first 3 are very similar, each are strong against one of the other three and weak against the other. They are all 3 strong against Operative and Operative is string against Wall Defenses. I am not so convinced it is good to focus on Operatives. I don't have a lot of experience yet, but typically in these type of games having a large amount of well boosted Infantry, Vehicle or Artillery troops will do well enough against Wall Defenses. For attack you might want to specialize on one of the troop types, and make sure you have those boosted well by equipment and emblems, but from a defense point of view it is good to have a mix of the three troops, so that attackers cannot make use of a weakness against one troop type. Ideally for attack you also have the possibility to max the stats for any troop type (i.e. have different equipment sets with emblems for each troop type), so that you can make better use of troop imbalance of your defender.

At this moment from an attack equipment point of view, Infantry is the best of the three, but the differences are minor and likely in the future more equipment will be introduced.

Troop Tiers

There are currently 4 different troop types, in the game referred as different levels, but often the term tier is used as well. Whether all troop tiers can already been unlocked depends on your region, it seems over time the newer tiers are made available in the research facility. Although the higher tiers are of course better the difference is as large as some players believe. In these type of games it is typically the boosts that make the huge difference and when you have unlocked the higher tier troops, you normally also have boosted your stats way more than players who have not. This is not to say it is not important to unlock or use higher tier troops. Especially when you are attacking, your deployment size is a limiting factor and you have to make the most of your deployment size, which includes using the higher possible tiers. For defense it is less so, if you have sufficient lower tier troops and good combat boosts you can defend well against higher tier troops.

Note that in some games, either from the start, or later introduced, the game makers have introduced a compensation that makes it impossible to defend against higher tier troops by just training loads of lower tier troops. I am at this point not aware of such a compensation (typically referred to as nerf factor) in World War Rising.


The keys stats of troops are Attack, Armor and Health. The difference between Attack and Armor influence how many damage is done, and the health of troops together with the damage influences how many casualties you endure/inflict. Each troop type and tier has some basic value for these stats which can be increased in many different ways such as equipment, emblems, research, buildings.

Note that for whether you attack someone or are attacked by someone, all three stats are still relevant. In both scenarios you endure and inflict casualties based on above mechanics. This means for example that even if you don't plan to attack anyone yet, it is still good to focus on your Attack stats as well, so that you at least inflict a serious amount of damage and casualties when someone decides to attack you.

Training Grounds and Barracks

The Training Grounds is the building where you can train troops. Upgrading your Training Grounds increases the training capacity (amount of troops you can train) and the training speed. By building and upgrading several Barracks you can further increase the training capacity.


In the Combat tree you can unlock additional troop tiers and you can increase the combat stats of your troops (Attack, Health and Armor).

Equipment and Emblems

Equipment is a very important way to get high combat boosts. Besides the direct boosts, it is also important to be able to attach Emblems, which provide additional boosts.


You should have a basic understanding now of the importance of troops, the different types and tiers, and the main different ways to get combat boosts. If you have further suggestions, or questons, please share.

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