World War Rising has been extended with a new Building, the Weapons Lab, which can be used to increase the quality of your equipment.

World War Rising Weapons Lab

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Explanation of how the Weapons Lab works in World War Rising.

How it Works

In the new Weapons Lab building located at the bottom left of your Command Center you can select any piece of equipment you have via the Upgrade Equipment Quality button and if you meet all the requirements improve the quality.

The requirements to upgrade are the Weapons Lab level (you can only improve the quality of equipment to one level higher than the Weapons Lab level, so you need to upgrade it to lvl 5 if you want to improve equipment to Legendary level), Weapon Lab Isotope 232 items, and the requirement materials.

I expect you need to purchase packs to acquire large amounts of Weapons Lab Isotope 232. The materials you require are actually the same as you would to craft that quality of equipment, minus what you have already used for the lower quality. To for example if you are improving the quality of an equipment that required 4 different materials to craft from purple to gold, you require 3 purple materials of each of the 4 material types.

Costs for Upgrading the Weapons Lab

Besides regular resources upgrading the Weapons Lab requires Weapon Labs Architectural Plans. So far I only know the amount required for lvl 2, 50. If anyone has already upgraded this building, I would appreciate if you can share the requirements, this is helpful for everyone to know. These Weapons Lab Architectural Plans can only be acquired via certain packs, it seems.

Benefit Compared to Manufacturing

Compared to Manufacturing the new piece you only require 75% of the required materials and as far as I have seen you do not pay any Energy cost. You also don't have to remove and reattach Emblems. Removing Emblems costs some Alliance Loyalty (unless you still have the required Emblem Savers in your inventory).

On a side note, in this game when dismantling an equipment piece, you hardly get anything useful back. It is either one material or one emblem, and not necessarily the quality of the equipment piece.

Drawbacks Compared to Manufacturing

Drawback is the extra cost. Not in the least the money you spend upgrading the Weapons Lab, but also getting the required Weapon Lab Isotope 232 items will likely be very costly.


It seems not so interesting to spend a lot of money on upgrading this building since you still need to have a significant amount of the materials you would require for manufacturing the equipment piece directly. So at this, stage, this building does not seem that interesting, but possibly in the future extra features will be added that allow you to improve your equipment in ways that is not possible in the Armory.

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