This article describes the various ways to increase the number of Deployments in World War Rising and explains why this is so important.

What is Number of Deployments?

The maximum Number of Deployments determines how many marches you can send out at the same time. Deployments are required for important activities such as attacking syndicates and gathering resources.

Unlocking Deployments

Your Command Center is key to unlocking most Deployments. You start with one Deployment from Command Center lvl 1 and you unlock new Deployements at Command Center lvl 6 and lvl 15. It is not known to me whether more Deployments are unlocked at higher levels.

At VIP 4 you also unlock an extra Deployment. VIP is a spenders only feature and I am not sure whether at higher VIP levels more Deployments are unlocked.

In the Hero Skill tree the Deployment Mastery at the bottom of the tree unlocks an extra Deployment. I am not exactly sure what the minimum Hero Level requirement is to have enough points to unlock this, will be hard.

These are the ones known to me, if you happen to know any other ways to get extra Deployments, please share.

Importance of Multiple Deployments

Although in general it is very handy to have multiple deployments the key benefit for most players will be that it allows you to gather resources with multiple marches simultaneously. Resources are the most restricting factor in your growth, so being able to gather more resources at a time, will allow you to grow faster.


For small or non spenders it will be a matter of getting to Command Center lvl 15 as soon as possible. Bigger spenders probably want to aim to unlock the extra Deployment at VIP 4. The Deployment from the Hero Skill Tree will likely even take medium spenders a long time to unlock.

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