This guide explains the various Research Categories in World War Rising, and suggests some focus.


In the Research Facility building you can do research to improve all kind of aspects of your account. Just like building upgrades research requires resources and cost time. Upgrading the Research Facility unlocks new projects and makes new project levels available. Research Speed can be improved in various ways.


The Economics Category mainly contains projects that help with resource production for both tier resources. In addition there are projects that reduce construction time and increase construction speed, increase the Loot Capacity and the Gathering Speed (on both regular and Syndicate resource tiles), reduce the Trading Tax and increase the Trading Capacity, increase the Protection Capacity, increase the Treasury Rate, unlock Tier 2 Gathering and a reduction on the Resource Cost for Research.


In the Combat tree you can unlock additional troop tiers and you can increase the combat stats of your troops (Attack, Health and Armor).


In the Defense category you can unlock new Wall Defense (Trap) tiers, increase the trap building speed, improve the attack, armor and health of troops defending your base, increase the Attack and Health of your Wall Defenses, and increase the Hospital Capacity and Healing Speed.


In the Hero Research Category you will find a lot of research that will help you dealing with Syndicates. It affects all kind of properties, such as the damage you do, the chance you have a critical hit, the amount of stamina it costs to hit a syndicate target or your stamina recovery rate. There are also projects for each level of Syndicate Targets which you need to unlock before you can hit Syndicate Targets of that level.

Missile Strikes

In the Missile Strikes tree you will find projects that unlock new types of Missiles.


In general I find that in this game it is early on relatively easy to keep up the research with your building upgrades (meaning research everything you can before your Research Facility is upgraded), especially if you participate in the research events and speed on some research to win rewards.

If you are developing your buildings faster and you feel you need to make choices, I suggest to put main focus on unlocking new Troop tiers in Combat as soon as you can. Increasing the stats of your troops is also very useful.

For defensive purpose the Base Defending Troop Attack, Armor and Health project are very useful for defense, but I find the Wall Defenses themselves not that useful so won't focus too much on those if you have to make a choice.

Putting focus on the Hero Tree allows you to make the most of hitting Syndicate Targets and can help you with receiving a lot more goodies. There are a lot of dependencies so it is not really possible to be too selective, but I prefer the projects that increase the stamina recovery speed and reduce the stamina cost, so you can hit targets more often.

Basically everything in Economics is useful and if you are in a situation that you can focus on growth without risk of unwanted combat, it might be good to max out this tree first.

Whether you should focus a lot on Missile Strikes research depends on whether you can plan to use the missiles a lot. I am not too familiar with this feature yet, don't really like that it seems lot of the better missiles require fuel, which I don't have enough of as it is, so I haven't put much focus on this.

Limited Information

The information in the game is quite limited. You only see the cost and benefit for the research project level you can research, but you can't see anything about other levels, or even how many levels there are. I am trying to collect as much information as possible about the research for the website, which you can look at directly, and is used for the available tools. In case you see any information missing that is available to you in game, it is much appreciated if you can add the data.


In the Game Parameters section on this website (My Games Guide menu) you can keep track of your research. If you do so, you will see a full list of the research available to you, which can help you select suitable research (based on availble resources) more quickly than having the browse through the different categories and projects in the game. There is also a research planner in the Tools menu, which allows you to plan a bunch of research ahead. This tool is useful when you want to participate in research events, so that you can plan ahead what you want to research and how much resources are required.


This should give some idea about the possible research, what to focus on, and how this website can assist you. If you have any additional tips, or questions, please share in the comment section.

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