In the Missions section, you find four different types of Missions. In this article we will give a description of each category and some tips and tricks as to how to maximize their usefulness.

Base Missions

The Base Missions contain rewards for achievements in the game. There is for example a mission corresponding to each research project level and building level, but also missions related to training troops, combat, resource production etc. Just by playing the game, especially early on, you will complete loads of missions automatically. Most common rewards for completing those missions are Hero XP and resources.

Collecting these Missions is a great source of Hero XP. You might consider using the following tip to maximize the Hero XP. Instead of collecting these missions as they become available, save them up until you have reached a higher level with your Hero Quarters (the higher it is, the more the actual XP is that you get when Collecting Missions).

Hero Missions

Hero Missions are available for everyone. They will refresh each 6 hours and the counter only starts running down once you login again (i.e. if you have not logged in for 6 hours or longer the Missions always have a counter of 6 hours). The number of missions depends on your VIP level, it will be higher for higher VIP level (starting at VIP 8), when VIP is active. You can start one mission at a time and collect them once the timer is done. VIP seems to be a spender only feature and purchasing one small pack only activated my VIP and didn't give me enough points, so I am not sure what extra features unlock regarding missions at which level. What is quite common is that at a certain VIP level you will be able to auto complete the missions.

The reward is resources, Hero XP and a chance of a material. I don't have a good insight into which materials can drop, I'll try to keep track of drops. It seems the higher the mission level, the more resources and Hero EXP you can get, and the higher the material grade can be. For the confirmed drops of materials in missions see our Mission Types Overview. I am just starting to collect data on this, so if you have any confirmed drops, please share it in the comments on that page.

The Hero Mission Chance Special Item allows you to get a new set of Hero Missions. Do not be misled by the in game description, it is not so much about getting a chance to improve the quality of the missions, but just getting a new set. You should always complete the current missions first before using a Daily Chance. Ideally you already have reached a VIP level so you can auto complete, otherwise it might be difficult or impossible to complete the missions within the time frame of 6 hours. Also keep in mind the tip under Base Missions about the Hero Quarters. Typically you might combine using all your Hero Mission Chances once you collect all your outstanding Base Missions.

Hero Missions are a good way to get Hero XP and materials, and depending on your preference, you might consider using your alliance loyalty to purchase Hero Mission Chances from the Alliance Store.

Alliance Missions

Alliance Missions are in many ways similar as the Daily Missions, so I will just discuss where they are different.

They are only available when you are part of an alliance (which you should always be). Instead of resources they provide alliance loyalty (together with Hero EXP) as payout. The loyalty can be used by you to purchase items from the Alliance Store.

Addition Alliance Missions are unlocked at VIP levels 7 to 25.

There are Alliance Mission Chances, I have received them as reward for an event, but I have not yet seen them in any of the shops.

VIP Missions

I have no real information on VIP Missions yet. They only become available at VIP 2 (and I am at VIP 1), and increase until VIP 16.

Misson Events

Keep in mind there are Mission events that give rewards for completing Missions, you should pay attention to those to get extra rewards.

You get also points during these events for claiming your completed Base Missions, so it is recommended to wait with claiming them until such an event is active.

Also, if you have Mission Chances and the higher VIP level that unlock the auto complete of Hero and/or Alliance Missions, you might want to wait with using these until such an event is active.

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