This guide describes the types of resources available in World War Rising and how to acquire them.

World War Rising Resources

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Explanation of the various resources in World War Rising.


Besides the basic resources Stone, Wood, Metal, Food, Energy that are required for building, troop training and research, this guide will also deal with the special resources such as Fuel, Gold, Loyalty, Combat Sim Ammo.

Basic Resources

Currently, there are 5 types of basic resources in World War Rising. They are:

  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Food
  • Energy

Building, Research, Troop and Trap Training typically requires some of all these resources, but not the same amounts. Often building upgrades require a lot of Stone, not much Wood. Research tends to require a lot of Wood and Energy. Training Troops requires a lot of Food and based on which Troop Type also a significant amount of one of the other resources. Building Traps does not require Food, but does require a lot of Metal and based on which Trap Type a significant amount of one of the other resources.

For the upkeep of your troops you require Food (although there is no issue if you don't feed your troops).

For manufacturing equipment you require energy.

Tiers of Resources

The basic resources come in different tiers. Initially you only need (and can produce and gather) tier 1 of each of the resources, but later on you require tier 2 as well. I am not sure whether there are also higher tier resources. T2 Food is for example required as upkeep for Tier 3 troops.

Acquiring Resources

In this section I will discuss the common ways to get resources.

Especially early on the most important way is production. This is done by building Farms, Lumber Mills, Quarries and Mine Shafts in your city outside your City Wall, and Power Plants in the rural area inside your City Wall. I find production going quite fast, the main bottle neck is production stops once you have reached the capacity. Both production rate and capacity are determined by the amount of producing buildings and their levels (and applicable boosts). Early on the requirements for building upgrades, research, troop training are far less than the capacity, so you can easily keep growing by just using the resources you produce.

Gathering resources on the Region Map (on Farm, Lumber Mill, Quarry, Mine Shaft and Power Plant tiles) is another way to get resources. As you grow you will need more and more resources and you will find that you will need all your deployments out gathering resources. Whenever you can keep an eye on your stock levels and focus on gathering resources for which your capacity is already maxed, so as to still maximize the use of your production buildings.

You can also attack other players, scout to make sure there is enough resources to be taken, and to make sure you are much stronger than your target, so you don't have to use the resources on training troops to compensate your losses.

There are many ways to get resource items, such as winning events, hitting syndicate targets. These items are safe resources and cannnot be taken by opponents (unlike resources acquired in the above ways), and as such are very valuable. Only open these when you are ready to start doing your building upgrade or research, so they cannot be taken.

You can also buy resources for gold in the Store. I would only use this as a last resort if turns out too difficult to get required resources via above methods.


Fuel is required for teleporting your account, putting up a peace shield and launching certain missiles. These are all quite crucial. There is no easy way to get lots of fuel, instead you get small amounts via events etc. Be a bit careful when spending, as it is always useful to have some when needing to put on a peace shield.


With Gold you can purchase items in the Store. Small amounts of gold can be acquired by winning events and gathering resources. Large amounts only by buying packs. Note that in this game it can be considered relatively easy to acquire gold (at least small amounts) compared to other similar games, but on the other hand the gold cost for purchasing items in the Store seems to be quite high compared to similar games.


Loyalty is the credit used to purchase items in the Alliance Store. You get some Loyalty from providing the Helps each day, for the rest it is also mainly as rewards from events.

Combat Sim Ammo

Combat Sim Ammo is used to shoot the targets in the Combat Sim building. You get some as rewards for events. Save them up until you have enough to win rewards in a Combat Sim event.


This should give you a basic understanding of the required resources in World War Rising. I will work on other guides that go into more depth as to how to meet the ever increasing resource requirements. Please share tips and let me know if you have questions.

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