There are quite some different type of events in World War Rising and although the general idea of how to score points should be clear from the description, below tips will prove useful to win rewards easily.

Type Speed Up
Scoring Points Get a point for every speed up minute used on research and training timers.
Tips Most important is to save up on speed ups. Don't use them unless you can win some rewards, for example in this event. In the Tools menu on this website is a research planner. Register, make sure you researched projects are up to date and use this tool to plan ahead, so that you select the right projects for the required speed up time, that stay within your available resource budget. I tend to focus on research, but of course troop training also can be used. In the Tools menu there is also a troop training calculator that can prove to be helpful. Normally it should be doable to win the 3rd tier rewards for this event, but plan ahead and if you are not going to be able to make that, make sure you don't spend more than what is necessary to win 2nd tier rewards.
World War Rising Tips on Winning Speed Ups Event

12/18/2018 - -

Tips on winning the Solo Speed Up Event in World War Rising.

Type Manufacturing
Scoring Points Get points for combining materials in the Armory. The higher the grade the more points.
Tips Don't combine any materials unless during this event and plan ahead which tier you are going to reach. Reaching tier 3 might be tough, in which case it is better to just combine enough to get the second tier rewards.
World War Rising Tips on Winning Manufacturing Event

12/19/2018 - -

Tips on winning the Solo Manufacturing Event in World War Rising.

Type Missions
Scoring Points Collect completed mission to get points.
Tips I tend to just start the alliance and hero missions when I am online, but only collect them once the Mission event is active, or when it is getting close to a refresh. This way you already have a good start of the event. I also do not collect my building Base missions unless during this event. Especially early on when you complete a large amount of building upgrades, this can easily help getting you to 3rd tier rewards a couple of times. Unfortunately the other base missions or automatically collected when completed, so more difficult to make use of. Still, if you really want you can leave a few quick and simple ones to do during the Mission event (e.g. building 100 traps of each type). You can use Hero and Alliance Mission Chances to get more missions. I wouldn't go as far as using speed ups to complete them, but if you have already a full set of completed and uncollected missions, collecting these first and using mission chances, will also help scoring more rewards. As with the other solo events, do plan ahead which tier you want to win, don't waste chances and uncollected missions unnecesarily to get stuck somewhere between tier 2 and 3.
World War Rising Tips on Winning Mission Event

12/19/2018 - -

Tips on winning the Solo Mission Event in World War Rising.

Type Troop Training Event
Scoring Points Spend food on troop training to get points
Tips No tips yet, I haven't played this one, amount of food required to spend seems very high to me, probably also requires quite some speed ups.

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