Player Research

An overview of all player research projects available in World War Rising including resource requirements, prerequisite research projects and buildings, time, hero xp, power, boost, and unlocked troops, traps and special skills.
Research Category Resources Original Time Hero XP Power kPower/
Deployment (5.4% complete) 15K Energy
15K Food
15K Metal
15K Stone
15K Wood
08:30:00 6.6K 6,505
Economics (15.7% complete) 7.20M Energy
2.24M Food
4.48M Metal
3.36M Stone
9.06M Wood
1d 22:14:17 206K 27,524
Combat (17.8% complete) 6.78M Energy
2.11M Food
4.22M Metal
3.16M Stone
6.83M Wood
2d 02:28:08 906K 235,589
Defense (30.5% complete) 8.21M Energy
2.55M Food
5.11M Metal
3.83M Stone
9.48M Wood
7d 02:45:24 295K 273,863
Hero (30.1% complete) 8.79M Energy
2.74M Food
5.47M Metal
4.10M Stone
10.16M Wood
4d 03:54:21 60K 8,998
Missile Strikes (100.0% complete) 2.38M Energy
2.38M Food
2.38M Metal
2.38M Stone
2.38M Wood
23:07:48 711K 710,800

Note: We do not yet have complete information for all research categories. Any missing information (resource requirements, original time, dependencies, power and XP) is much appreciated. Please leave a comment or send an e-mail.

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