Player Research

An overview of all player research projects available in World War Rising including resource requirements, prerequisite research projects and buildings, time, hero xp, power, boost, and unlocked troops, traps and special skills.
Research Category Resources Original Time Hero XP Power kPower/
Economics 552K Energy
172K Food
344K Metal
258K Stone
638K Wood
07:38:31 130K 16,492 51.8
Combat 7.9K Energy
2.4K Food
4.9K Metal
3.6K Stone
9.0K Wood
10:33:33 229.0 22 0.1
Defense 4.0K Energy
1.3K Food
2.5K Metal
1.9K Stone
4.7K Wood
00:02:43 82.0 82 43.5
Hero 1.18M Energy
368K Food
736K Metal
553K Stone
1.37M Wood
1d 06:29:02 9.0K 1,175 0.9
Missile Strikes 18K Energy
18K Food
18K Metal
18K Stone
18K Wood
00:17:00 4.0K 4,000 338.8

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