Similar to the Gold Event at times there is also an Alliance Event active, consisting of various stages. You score points based on individual activities, but receive prizes when the points of all members in the alliance combined reach certain target levels. This guide is about the Upgrade Event.

How to Upgrade

Building and Research Projects can be upgraded. A building can be upgraded by selecting a building and clicking Upgrade. You can Research via the Research menu in the University building.


Points are acquired based on an increase in power. Both building and research power increase will give you 5 points for the event per 1 point power increase.


There are target point levels for the combined points of all alliance members. Once they are reached only the players that have scored points for the event will receive the corresponding prizes.

Preparation and Boosts

Important boost for this event are the Building and Research Speedup boosts, we will write a separate guide on those, for now it is best to make sure you focus on increasing these boosts via equipment, research projects and assigning talent points.

In addition resources are a very important factor. Make sure you maximize your resource production and gathering boosts, have all your resource buildings to high level and have your troops out gathering whenever possible.

Beginner's Tips

Start some research and building upgrades before the event starts, so that you start with some points already.

Use Extra Builders to be able to upgrade two buildings simultaneously.

Dominating the Event

The power increase for buildings can be found in via the Info menu (click More Info) of a building (and on our website). The power increase for research projects is only shown in the game once a research project level is available to research (on the Bonuses tab). On our website the power is also listed for research projects as far as known to us. This could help you plan in advance to meet your requirements. Consider using the Research Planner from the Tools menu to plan your research, it allows you to make a selection of research project levels to meet point targets.

For research projects not all projects give the same power per time increase. On our website the power increase per day is listed and you might want to focus on research project levels with a higher power increase per time, so that you reach the required point limits faster. Same for buildings.

For the rest it is mostly planning ahead:

if possible start a Stronghold upgrade earlier so that it is finished during the event.

Make sure you have lots of resources, in my opinion specifically Iron and Silver (depending on your building levels) go fast and you tend to have more wood and food items, but this might of course be different in your case.

Stock up on speedups as well.

As an Alliance you can cast the Rapid Researcher and/or Building Booster spells to increase the Research and Building speed.


I hope these tips make it easy to win the Upgrade Stage of the Alliance event. If you have questions or want to share more tips, please use the comment section below.

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