Similar to the Gold Event at times there is also an Alliance Event active, consisting of various stages. You score points based on individual activities, but receive prizes when the points of all members in the alliance combined reach certain target levels. This guide is about the Fortune Teller Event.

How to Play the Fortune Teller

The Tavern building located in the right side of your city contains a Fortune Teller menu. When you access this you see a wheel with prizes that you can spin. Each day you get one Free Spin, additional Spins cost 4 knucklebone per spin. For every spin you get some prize. There are several Tarot Cards as prizes, when your spin lands on one of these, you can to the Tarot Card game.

When you access the Tarot Card game you first see the possible prizes in a 3x3 square. You can decide to Start and at any moment chose to Give Up. When you Start you can select a card and turn it. The first turn is free, afterwards it will cost an increasing amount of Rune Stones.

Notice that while spinning the wheel actually seems random, the Tarot Card game is not. If there is any valuable prize, like an amount of Gold, you will never get that on the first turns.


You get points for each spin of the Fortune Teller Wheel, and you get points for each Tarot Card you turn. The points for the Tarot Card increase with the number of Tarot Cards you turn in each Tarot Card game.


There are target point levels for the combined points of all alliance members. Once they are reached only the players that have scored points for the event will receive the corresponding prizes.


I tend to save up my Knucklebone and Rune Stone until this stage in the alliance event comes along. When it does it is mostly just a matter of keep spinning the wheel and turning the tarot cards as long as you can.

With respect to the Tarot Cards, I tend to just turn 2 or 3 each game, depending a bit on whether I get multipliers. The increase in Rune Stone cost is so steep that I prefer to not go for the full square. Some players argue you can better one time go for the full square, I haven't really done a comparison on this.


I hope these tips make it easy to do well in the Fortune Teller Stage of the Alliance event. If you have questions or want to share more tips, please use the comment section below.

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