The Dragon Spirit has been introduced to King of Avalon. The Dragon Spirit can be used to battle in the Labyrinth and it has its own, Research, Skills, Equipment, XP Levels and Talent Points.

King of Avalon Dragon Spirit Guide

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Explanation of the Dragon Spirit in King of Avalon, including the Spirit Chamber Building, the Dragon Spirit Research Category and the Labyrinth.

Dragon Spirit

When your Dragon reaches level 10 you can Invoke your Dragon Spirit in the Spirit Chamber. The Spirit Chamber is a building located to the south of the Tavern and Loading Dock. Via the Dragon Spirit menu in this building you can select whether you want to Male or Female Dragon Spirit (this choice cannot be altered afterwards). Once you have invoked the Dragon Spirit the Labyrinth becomes available as well. The Labyrinth is the cave located between the Dragon Lair and the Event Center. You can go in here to battle monster and collect various goodies, but I suggest to first go through the rest of this guide to have a better understanding and also to already improve your Dragon Spirit where possible.

Dragon Spirit XP Levels and Talent Points

Just like your Lord and Dragon the Dragon Spirit also has its own XP Levels. Leveling up your Dragon Spirit will give Dragon Spirit Talent Points, which can be used to assign to Dragon Spirit Talents (similar as the Lord Talent Points are used for the Lord Talents). Before entering the Labyrinth make sure you have used any Dragon Spirit EXP items you might have (you get a lot in the Labyrinth, but even before I went into the labyrinth for the first time I already had some in my inventory). After leveling up do not forget to assign the Talent Points. I have not made a thorough analysis yet on which of the three available trees is best to assign the Talent Points to, they actually all seem very similar with only a few of the projects that are different. I have so far only assigned to the Knight Talent Tree.

Initially you only receive one Talent point for each EXP level you upgrade. I expect that from level 31 to 40 you get two Talent points for each level, because I encountered a level 40 Dragon Spirit with 49 Talent Points.

Spirit Skills

Increasing your Dragon Spirit XP Levels also automatically unlocks and improves Spirit Skills. The Spirit Skills are divided into Tiers. Each Tier has a maximum level assigned with it and the Spirit Skills within that Tier keep improving their value with each Dragon Spirit XP Level Upgrade until the maximum level is reached. Each Spirit Skill also has a Dragon Spirit XP Level associated with it that unlocks it.

Dragon Spirit Equipment

Similar as for the Lord in the Forge there are several menu items for Equipment for your Dragon Spirit in the Spirit Chamber. I received my first scroll and material when exploring rooms in Floor 11, not sure whether it is also possible to get materials or scrolls at lower levels, or whether there are other ways to acquire the Dragon Skill Materials or Scrolls.

The equipment, much like the Dragon Spirit Talent projects, will only benefit your performance in the Labyrinth.

There are only three materials relevant for the Dragon Spirit Equipment: Fire Opal, Spider Silk and Soul Clay. The higher level the equipment, the more it requires of these materials. Like with regular equipment, you can Dismantle is to get the materials again.

Dragon Spirit Research Category

There is a special research category called Dragon Spirit that gives boosts relevant for your Dragon Spirit and the Labyrinth game. Especially at the lower levels the research projects seem relatively cheap wrt resource and time requirements and when you are too low on resources to research any of the other categories, this surely is a good alternative.

In this research category there are no dependencies between projects, so you can just start researching any of the 11 research projects that you might find useful.


The VIP level can provide you with various boosts for the Dragon Spirit as well. Consider activating it before you go in the labyrinth. This will increase the amount of potions you get and the Satchel Capacity and Nr. of Slots, amongst other things.


To enter the Labyrith (the cave located between the Dragon Lair and the Event Center) you need to have invoked your Dragon Spirit in the Spirit Chamber and your Dragon needs to be in your castle. Furthermore the Labyrinth works with a cooldown timer, so you cannot enter it whenever you want.

When you click Explore in the Labyrinth menu there is an option to select a floor to start. It is confirmed that once you reached the following levels you can restart at those levels the next time you enter the Labyrinth: 11, 21, 31 (I have not yet reached level 41, that would be the next logical restart level).

Once you enter the Labyrinth a cooldown timer of by default 2 days starts. You need to finish exploring within those two days, and without using a cooldown reset or speedup you cannot start again before the two days expire. However it is possible, via the button on the right in the Labyrinth to temporarily step out (if you want to take a break from the game altogether, or you need to take care of any other game business) and come back later without losing progress.

In the Labyrinth your Dragon Spirit has a green Health bar. Once the Health bar reaches zero during a battle you are sent back to the previous room with the same health.

The Stamina of your Dragon Spirit is indicated by the number in the Avatar at the left top of the screen. Everytime you explore a new room it will cost one energy of your Dragon Spirit. Reaching 0 energy means you cannot explore further.

You get some free Health and Stamina potions each time you enter the Labyrinth, these can be used via the second round button at the bottom of the screen (the one with the pink and blue potion bottles in it).

At the right top you see a Floor map with the rooms you have explored so far. You can move around by clicking on the green arrows.

Some of the Rooms will have monsters and/or chests in them. You start a fight by tapping once, and if there are multiple monsters you can tap to select which one should be attacked first. You can also open a chest by tapping once. You can chose to select the contents of the chest for your inventory. If case your inventory is full (either no more available slots or too much weight), you can disregard items by selecting them in your inventory via the first round button at the bottom.

Each floor contains a door to the next floor guarded by a special monster. After winning the battle with the Guardian Monster you can select to either stay in the current floor (if not fully explored), or go on to the next floor. Unlike some similar games there is no need to chose to leave the labyrinth at a certain level to keep your treasures.

At a certain point you will get stuck with either too little health to beat the next monster or too little stamina to explore any new room. When this happens you need to wait until the cooldown timer expires before you get your prizes.

You will receive the prizes via a System Mail once the Labyrinth Cooldown timer has expired and you need to Collect the prizes in the mail before they become part of your inventory.

Considerations for Growing your Dragon Spirit

You will likely find that while exploring the Labyrinth you can pick up way more than you can carry, which forces you to make choices. To take a long term approach you might consider focussing your efforts first on increasing your Satchel Capacity and Slots rather than the strength of your Dragon Spirit or gathering Materials for Dragon Spirit Equipment. Some practical tips if you follow this approach is to focus on collecting Dragon Spirit XP (leave the heavy materials) until you have reached Dragon Spirit level 14, which gives you the Satchel Storage Skill, which increases your Satchel Capacity with 250. Another is to focus your research on Satchel Capacity.


It is a nice addition to the game, but I am not sure yet whether building up your Dragon Spirit and performing well in the solo game in the Labyrinth will have a lot of benefit for the multi-player aspects of the game. Will the prizes in the Labyrinth only make your Dragon Spirit stronger, or will it also for example provide materials and scrolls that can be used for your lord. If anyone has already more experience with these features, please feel free to share in the comment section.

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